What’s the greatest challenge for successful online governance?

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    Daniel Bevarly

    Here’s mine.

    I’ve been researching the discussions in the early days of “Gov 2.0” (back when I joined Gov Loop when it had less than 2K members.) Many of the presentations and interviews with some of the pioneers talked about the potential of online government and online governance.

    Of course, these discussions had to account for the knowledge around the technology –hardware and software solutions– that existed at the time. But there were and still are fundamental challenges that address the foundation of online governance still seeking solutions today and many of them have to do more with culture than with technology. Because how great is to have all these cool solutions available to connect with, research and share but a citizenry not interested in using them?

    What are your thoughts about bedrock challenges for online government/governance and what could be proposed to help solve them? A follow up question could be are these new challenges that can be attributed to emerging technology or have they been there all along and have been identified or amplified due to the Internet?

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