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    Let’s crowdsource this…

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    Stephanie Slade

    This is a pretty unorthodox suggestion, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this happened eventually. It does seem like attitudes are changing toward marijuana.

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    Mark Hammer

    Switch back from GDP to GNP.

    GNP assesses wealth created in a region that stays in a region. GDP assesses wealth created in a region regardless of where it ends up (like in the hands of foreign owners or domestic owners with bank acounts in the Grand Caymans).

    While GDP is a useful measure in an era of globalization (whihc is why it gets used these days), it doesn’t necessarily give you a clear picture of whether local efforts are providing anything of use for local residents.

    GDP is the index of preference for investors. GNP is the index of preference for folks who wonder how long they’re going to have to be unemployed or whether they’re going to make their mortgage payments.

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    Laura Bennett

    Already in progress. Colorado is regulating it and CA has a college.

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    Laura Bennett

    Rebuild American’s Crumbling Infrastructure – water pipes, our roads, our buildings, bridgets, our highways, etc.

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    Paul Alberti

    Redesign the tax structure. The US has the highest corporate tax levels, so no wonder corporations are going overseas and hiring foreign nationals. Instead of taxing the top 15% so they support the bottom 40% – spread out the tax base so we all contribute some. Then there is the nearly impossible – reduce government spending so the need for tax revenue is not so great. If people have money available to spend, they will. But if people are scared to spend their money, or are giving it all to Local/State/Federal governments what is left to spend on restaurants, homes, cars, vacations, save for education and retirement, etc.
    People only have a limited amount of income, the average person does not have the luxury to go to their boss and get more “just because”. Governments have a nasty habit of raising taxes just because they can. Local jurisdictions increase speed traps and fines, increase fees, service costs, etc. to make ends meet. The economy runs on people, not governments. If you want the economy to improve people need a source of decent, steady income from good decent jobs. When businesses can’t afford to hire, people don’t get or they lose jobs which kills the economy.
    Fix taxes, increase the job market, scale back government interventions; seems to work for most of former Eastern Europe. Maybe that is an over simplification, but we probably need some simple things right now, not an addition to the Rube Goldberg government machine.

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