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    Stephen Peteritas

    Not many people think about cyber security until they get burned by lack of it. With next month being cyber security month I want to compile all the stories GovLoopers have out there about cyber security (the good and the bad) to show how important the topic is. I know there’s tons of bad ones out there and while I want to hear all the stories I’d really like to hear some cyber security success stories.

    I’ve had my credit card stolen online and also my twitter hacked.

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    Kristin Dziadul

    About a month ago I had my home wireless router compromised. I wouldn’t have even read about the recent router hacks going on if it wasn’t for me being a blogger for my company (Backupify). Daily I scan news articles, some related to cyber security, and happened to come across a news report on that. A few days later after coming across that article, I realized many of the triggers that showed your router was being hacked. For example, I went to visit my Twitter page and saw that on the top URL it tried to redirect me to a different site with some letters before the Twitter.com which never happens. I didn’t proceed to enter in any of my login credentials. I immediately turned off my router, called Comcast and told them my issue. They helped me change the password on my router so it couldn’t get hacked again and then helped me reset the router. I then went back on my computer, logged onto the router with my new password, and then reset all of my online account passwords. This was quite the hassle to set up and redo but was well worth the risk I could have encountered if I didn’t know about the router hacks and continued to log onto personal accounts, giving the hacker access to all of my accounts.

    This made me realize just how important it is to stay up to date on cyber security issues, as they can hit you at any time.


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    Henry Brown

    Have posted in the Cybersecurity group a discussion which talks to the effect that group involvement had at Intel

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