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    Steve Ressler

    Man- my right forearm is killing me. I think all this coffeeshop laptop working has messed me up ergonomically.

    How do people stay ergonomically good? Especially if they are the coffee shop types. Any favorite devices/tools?

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    Steve Ressler

    Got a couple good stretches from Google and Tweets linking to them…feeling slightly better already

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    Mark Hammer

    You do realize this is a Henny Youngman joke, right?

    I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.”

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    Mark Hammer

    But seriously, folks…..

    Personally, I don’t find any of the ergonomic stuff all that critical. I’m not saying it’s poppycock. I just don’t find any advantage. To me, its either comfortable, or its not.

    As a 5-finger typist (2 on the left, 3 on the right), a get a lot of repetitive strain on my mouse hand, and especially the index finger. When that happens, I bring some masking tape to work, fashion a splint to confine movement of my index finger for a couple days (i.e., I can’t use it even if I attempt to do so unconsciously and automatically), and give those joints a rest by doing all my mousework with my middle finger.

    But that’s post-injury, right? “Ergonomic” is intended to avoid injury in the first place.

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    Dave McClees

    If you drive a desk, take the long walk, always including stairs, to meetings. When going to talk to other staff members, stand instead of sitting in their office. Walk at lunch. If you really are tied to your desk virtually all the time, be fsure to take those morning lunch and afternoon breaks to get the blood flowing and get a really good ergonomically correct office chair ($500 mimimum cost – I recently recieved one and the difference is truly amazing on my back, legs, circulation, neck and posture). Use a wrist supporter, must learn to touch type (that is all 10 fingers), and have your chair and monitor at the correct, comfortable height.

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    Colleen Hughes

    Love my new footstool! It helps me to crossing my legs and pushes me back further in my chair.

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    Hope OKeeffe

    I keep a heating pad in the office for when the ergonomics fail.

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    Karen Robin

    After pushing a mouse for decades as a graphic designer/wordsmith, I recommend this: When you get that sick feeling in the wrist you’ve been using to mouse around, simply switch to mousing with the other hand. Yes, yes, it’ll feel weird for a week or so, but you’ll adjust faster than you think (the human brain is amazing). Give your aching wrist a rest from mousing until the “other” wrist starts to get that achey feeling (it could be months or even a year), when you switch your mouse back to the other hand again. Your first wrist will have recovered and now your other wrist can do the same. The point is, when you feel you’re hurting, stop and do something different!

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    Tammie Shipe

    When I was in the Air Force, we jokingly referred to our jobs in intel as being “Chairborne” (rather than Airborne).

    I like the suggestions listed (and it is true about changing your mouse hand — you do get used to it)

    Also – I use a lot of shortcut keys. It is very helpful when I use my laptop.

    Another thing I’m horrible at is posture. Just thinking about posture will make your posture better. Imagine that when you are sitting that from the hips up you should have similiar posture to when you are standing.

    Keep your monitors at the right height – don’t look up or down…

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    Steve Ressler

    Trying it right now….thanks!

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    Allen Sheaprd

    People have tried the chairs and stuff.

    Five things help me:

    Remove wallet from back pocket

    Big screen monitor at more than arms length and close to eye level.

    Gel arm rests in front of the keyboard (old fashioned 104 key with seperate mouse)

    Loose fitting or comfertable cloths.

    Clear desk space for that “open” feel

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    Allen Sheaprd


    Using the stairs and 20 min walk at lunch are great. Not just for muscles but heart, cholesteral levels and energy. You know the joke

    1960 – 20,000 person med study finds diet and exercise best way to live longer

    1980 – NIH & PEW study finds diet and exercise best way to live longer

    2008 – People blog diet and exercise best way to live longer

    2012 – Fear of 2012 prophecy gets people scrambling around. Diet and exercise change helps them live longer

    2040 – Med students repeating 80 year old study discover

    2008 – People blog diet and exercise best way to live longer

    2070 – For the 75th anniversary of the movie “GATTACA” researchers find diet and exercise work

    2090 – Disease cured – Medicine had it backwards. Exercise and diet best medicine – now available by prescription.

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    Allen Sheaprd

    This works great for when heat fails. It uses less energy than a space heater. I.E. no tripped breakers.

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    Josh Folk

    I find getting to the gym every night really helps. Just 20 minutes on the treadmill instantly relives all of the tension in my back/neck/head. Another thing that I’ve been doing lately is working on my laptop without my power cord…so when the battery dies I force myself to take a break and recharge while my computer does the same. Some others that may or may not be helpful: remember to take deep breaths frequently (lack of oxygen leads to unfavorable symtoms), drink lots of water, and cut down on unnecessary computer/phone tasks such as checking your email on your phone while waiting for your coffee order.

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    Allen Sheaprd


    Deep breaths and “down time”. 20 min or more is real. Even if its just to go outside and walk around the buildings. The folks in SF + DC have it nice as many places are “uphill / downhill” Plus in DC they have walking paths through the wooded areas.

    Clean eye glasses.

    Every hour star at somthing way off in the distance to relax the lense muscle in the eye.

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    Steve Ressler

    So I bought a portable pad for my mouse and is doing better combined with stretches given below. Thanks everyone

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