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    Steve Ressler

    The holiday are a good time to catch up on books you never gotten around to reading this year.

    As I make my holiday reading list, I’m curious:

    What’s your favorite book of 2013?

    Maybe it’s a great book on innovation or leadership or maybe it’s simply a great novel that opened up your mind.

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    Joe Flood

    I love a good history, and Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson really delivered. Lawrence was a much more complicated character than his movie version, and the war in Arabia was considerably more brutal. The “desert revolt” and the European post-war settlement created the modern Mideast and the problems we’re struggling with today.

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    Steve Ressler

    Good one – my favorite gov’t related was Solution Revolution by Bill Eggers

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    Alice M. Fisher

    Walter Cronkite! The letters he wrote to his new wife as a very youngWWII war correspondent.

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    Peter Sperry

    “Average is Over” by Tyler Cowen. Brad Delong has described Cowen as” the worlds leading economic blogger”. His well researched honest assesment of economic probabilities over the next 20-40 years (15-20% of workers do very well; the rest not so much) may not make the reader feel good but is a welcome change from the poorly documented feel good nonsense currently coming from the economic and business consulting community.

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