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    Steve Ressler

    It’s that time of year. At the federal level, the Combined Federal Campaign is in full launch where feds are donating to charities. At state/local level and private side, there are tons of on-going charity drives.

    Makes me ask:
    What is your favorite charity? Any favorite related to government/gov’t employees?
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    Jenyfer Johnson

    My favorite charity is the American Cancer Society, especially the Relay for Life.

    This is special for me because I was invited to walk in my first Relay for Life in May 2009, when I was undergoing chemo for breast cancer. I had chemo treatment on Thursday and the Relay was the next night. I walked the first lap, the Survivor’s lap, by myself but very slowly. The whole track was surrounded by everyone clapping and cheering. I started crying before I even started walking. My husband was waiting for me at the end, to walk the second lap, the Survivor/Caretaker lap, with me. He practically had to hold me up I was so tired and in such pain but I wanted to walk those two laps.

    Ever since then, I promised myself that I would be at the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I wanted to walk and raise money for cancer research, etc. I would like to live to see cancer eradicated in my lifetime because I would never want someone to go through what I had to go through.

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    Just learned about VET Foundation (http://www.vetfoundation.org), a non-profit that provides a wonderful training and mentoring program for wounded warriors exiting the military.

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    Peter Sperry

    Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC) builds and maintains almost all of the hiking trails in the DC region in national, state and local parks including all of the trails in the Shenandoah National Park as well as the Appalachian trail through most of Va, WV, MD, and southern Pa. These unsung heros provide a valuable service that facilitates enjoyment of the great outdoors. PATC is participating again this year in the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area. To give to PATC through the CFC, simply enter CFC code #91413 on your pledge card during your fund drive. You can also check them out at http://www.patc.net.

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    My favorite is 826 (http://www.826national.org), a nonprofit writing and tutoring center that offers entirely free programming to youth. They really step in where public schools don’t have the resources to, and they also give kids the cofidence to voice their opinions on the page.

    DC just opened up their own chapter.

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