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    Steve Ressler

    It’s that time of year…What’s your New Year’s Resolution?


    -Health – Tactically eat less, exercise more while on road

    -Family – Tactically call more when on road

    -Work – Make GL more awesome – Tactically listen to members, implement new products, make GL even more awesome for members, grow awesome team

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    Lorne W. Neff

    The one and only new years resolution I ever made was to never make another new years resolution. And Ive never broken it. And in today’s age, that’s more valid than ever. Don’t wait for the new year. If you conduct a continual review and work to make youself better, it’s not a once a year thing…

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    “The Noblest Motive is the Public Good.” My resolution is that no matter what distracts me during the day, I keep refocusing on why I became a public servant in the first place. And now that I’m in my “second career” supporting government, to focus on continuing to keep that sentiment alive every day.

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    Tom Worthington

    Be more patient in explaining technological developments to people and not express my frustration when their view of what IT might be used for does not agree with mine.

    This resolve will be tested in February 2011, when the new I am designing course designed for government employees “Electronic Document and Records Management” commences at the Austrlaian National Unviersity.

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    I’ll be on Federal News Radio’s DorobekInsider tomorrow talking about New Year’s Resolutions – keep ’em coming! For me, I try to stick around the same areas in my life: faith, family, finances/work, friends, fitness and fun. I’m actually working on the specific breakout right now…

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    Steve Ressler

    That’s a great one. Patience is a virtue – it’s hard to push things forward but also be patient with others who may not be up to speed yet

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    Christine Brush

    Start walking, even if it’s 1 degree outside.until I can walk 4 miles without stopping

    Start applying for jobs so I can get a higher position and keep growing in my career

    Continue working on my Toastmasters Advanced Speaking Certificate

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    John Sim

    Alright…here we go!


    a. Family: Pray regularly for my wife, children, and extended family

    b. Fitness: Log 1000 miles of riding and complete an Olympic-length triathlon

    c. Fun: Keep my Smugmug account up-to-date


    a. Educate: Read five books (paper or Kindle) on leadership or management

    b. EEO Cloud: Lead one innovative (and practical) initiative for DHS EEO

    c. Engage: Contribute actively to GovLoop and DC Bar’s Pro Bono Program

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    Dory Dahlberg

    In one word- discipline. More specifically, I resolve to embrace self-discipline and see it as a personal strengthening tool rather than just following rules. Each area of my life (health, family, finances, work, etc) could be improved to some degree by the implementation of more self-discipline.

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    Hey John – Personally, you and me are on board with (a) and (b). Professionally…I’m planning to do a bunch of reading…and I can help you with being active on GovLoop!

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