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    One of my favorite movies of all time is Office Space where Milton holds onto his red stapler for dear life. I was talking with a friend today and we shared our own stapler “war stories.” I know these things cost money but we do buy office supplies of other kinds, don’t we?

    So I am curious – does anyone else find staplers hard to come by? Why? What are your “stapler stories”?

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    What a funny question! But I can see how staplers are taken seriously… Long ago and far away, I became the proud owner of a chrome Rexel Miniplier stapler. It was the one thing I took with me when I left that agency. (In exchange, I left behind another standard-issue but inferior brand in the desk drawer.) I have since brought my Rexel with me to every office and agency I’ve worked at. The Rexel is proudly made in Gt Britain, and coincidentally you can buy it right now on eBay for only $6.99. I checked, because before just now I never paid attention to who made it, where, or even what it was called. I just know it looks cool, fits nicely in the palm of of my hand, is easy to load, has an unobtrusive yet functional staple remover, can be used with a great variety of paper thicknesses, and has NEVER failed. I will have to check out the scene in Office Space, because I’m sure I will see myself in Milton… If anyone were to somehow borrow and “forget” to return my Rexel to me, they would definitely have a fight on their hands. 🙂

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    Robert Bacal

    Note to self: Never ever staple yourself again. It hurts like hell, and it creates a surprising amount of blood that others find discomfiting.

    Staple me once, shame on you; staple me twice, shame on me.

    Now, about that chisel scar on the back of my hand, an emergency call to the neighbourhood supermarket, and ultimate rescue…

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    Bill Brantley

    When I was in state government, we had a supply closet manager who acted as if the supplies were being bought with her own money. She had a “used pen box” where you had to use a pen from that box before being allowed to have a new pen. She also insisted that the lawyers use both sides of their legal pads before they were allotted a new pad. You were also only allowed one 3.5 inch floppy a month and before you received that floppy, you had to demonstrate that you filled up your previous floppies.

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    Corey McCarren

    At my other job we had a limited number of chairs which all differed greatly (it was a small startup at a lab). So it felt like musical chairs half the time, and there were two of this type of chair that I loved, and I plan on buying when I move to my next apartment. Anyway, one day the accountant takes both and puts them in her office! I can genuinely say that I felt much like Milton that day. I let it go for like a week then one day when she wasn’t there I stole one of them back. It still moved around the lab all the time from one place to another but at least I had the hope of it being my chair for the day when I walked into the lab.

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