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    Steve Ressler

    Performance.gov was just released today after a couple of years of hard work.

    What’s your take?

    My thoughts:

    Good clean site
    Data they have is pretty interesting that I hadn’t seen- # of contract specialists, etc
    They are looking for feedback so good they are listening

    Needs some design help – too much text on home page and honestly boring – minimally should take cues from data.gov and IT dashboard of better visuals of data
    Make data the story not the text, too much intro text before data

    Needs more data – honestly was disappointed how little data was – there’s a lot more performance data they can bring to table

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    Mark Hammer

    Probably a good thing that there is modest data. Far too easy for people to drown in data and get hijacked by quantitatve details or composite scores that aren’t particularly self-explanatory. Let folks ease into it.

    I’m reading an interesting recent book on theories of performance in the public sector by Colin Talbot from the Manchester Business School. Recommended for those interested in deeper thinking about performance measurement. I figure if Christopher Pollitt likes it, it’s good enough for me. http://books.google.com/books/about/Theories_of_Performance.html?id

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    Bill Brantley

    Feedback is always good. Immediate feedback is always better.

    I do agree with Steve’s cons and I am a little disappointed in the design and depth considering the amount of time they had. The famous striptease launch that many websites do nowadays. 🙂

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    Jeff Ribeira


    Overall though, not terrible, and I kind of agree with Mark in that the modest amount of data didn’t bother me so much. As long as they don’t stall on getting more up there on a regular basis, I think it’s pretty decent for a new launch. As a citizen it’s enough to keep me interested, but not feel completely overwhelmed by data right from the get go. The amount of text, however, was slightly overwhelming and difficult to read. Maybe it’s because it also is grey…

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