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    Steve Ressler

    Tim brings up a discussion about Google Chrome being more enterprise friendly – https://www.govloop.com/group/googleforgov/forum/topics/google-makes-chrome-browser

    And it made me wonder “What’s Your Work Browser?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    I know I’m holding on in the dark ages but I love me some Firefox

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    Elliot Volkman

    Firefox isn’t the dark ages. I think you need Internet Explorer 6 for that – sadly many agencies still run with that.

    I personally use Chrome as it’s the faster of the browsers. Also if some how you manage to crash it, every tab you had open will be available when you restart it.

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    Henry Brown

    can be as enterprise friendly as it wants BUT a significant number of agencies are going to stick with what the IT department/CIO are familiar with. The mind set seems to be It works/worked for me so it is good enough for the enterprise..

    I know of at least 2 agencies that are still deploying IE 6 and are just now starting to consider IE 7 for use in the test labs

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    Megan Dotson

    I love chrome! Its quick, easy to navigate and holds on to my history very nicely.

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    Adriel Hampton

    IE8. I use Chrome at home, but when I tweet about it, accessibility experts criticise it roundly.

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    Steve Ressler

    That is crazy

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    Bill Brantley

    IT thinks I use IE8 but I installed Firefox when I had local admin rights one day. I’ve played with Chrome at home but I am more familiar with Firefox.

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    Sam Allgood

    I have been using Firefox for quite a while, but have recently switched primarily to Chrome.

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    Elliot Volkman

    You are quite right. It is incredibly difficult for agency or contract developers to create websites that are modern in design, and work with IE 6. On a regular basis we would try to make our agency customers happy by including interactive features like an accordion menu, but IE 6 would almost always break the code.

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    Denise Petet

    We have explorer 7, but my preference is firefox. That’s what I use at home. And i use both IE and FF at work. Basically I use IE because our intranet doesn’t work with Firefox, but if I want any ad blockage etc (which comes in handy when you have monitoring software that will log ads originating from ‘bad’ servers as a violation), you have to use Firefox.

    Our IT dept’s official preference is IE, in fact up to a few years ago, you couldn’t install another browser, but with IE7 and 8 being so buggy and literally not working with some sites, they had to allow us to install Firefox if we want, and chrome too…they just won’t do tech support on it. You might also be able to install Safari, but same story, do your own tech support.

    I have a knee-jerk adversion to Chrome simply because I know google already logs as much personal info as they can about your searchs, and I hate the thought of giving them access to my browsing as well.

    We are almost obsessively Microsoft, so I can’t see them ever allowing Chrome or anther browser as an officially supported one. At least not until Microsoft buys them out 😉

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    Judy Connelly

    I prefer Firefox. Chrome is fast but all websites don’t work with it. I switch to FF as IE 7, like 6, seems to crash a lot! That is annoying. Many large companies, like gov, still stick with IE6 or 7. Don’t know why?

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    Mark Hammer

    We use IE8 apparently, though 6 or 7 seems to be more prevalent. Since my work involves web-based employee surveys, and we need to be able to check out what the survey looks like in various environments, I was able to get permission to get Firefox installed, but I seem to be rather unique on my floor in that regard.

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    Denise Petet

    I think some of it can stem from those pesky ‘certified in….’ classes the IT folks have to take. Microsoft has a near monopoly on software, thus most of the classes are build in and around microsoft only, so that’s all the IT folks are trained on.

    Many IT folks, while they may use other things at home, and openly prefer other browsers or software, buy into or support the ‘microsoft monopoly’ attitude or have no choice since their bosses are telling them ‘this is what we use’

    I use a lot of open source stuff when I can, simply because I get frustrated with ‘no sorry, we don’t want you to do that’ attitude of Microsoft and others. For example, as much as IE tries to imitate Firefox, why aren’t there plugins to download flash files or block ads or block flash? Open Office will open about any document file, and it’s free, but Word 7+ isn’t even backwards compatible without a plugin.

    but, back to the topic, uneducated admin and exec personnel seem to believe that microsoft products are the end all and be all, so the job requirements for IT folks usually demands proficiency in microsoft only, and will support microsoft only. The IT folks that might know better are literally at the mercy of uneducated decision makers that leap towards the biggest and most familiar name.

    I think it’s also easier to just stick with the big bundles put out by microsoft than it is to look and research and piece meal what you need. Of course, on the other side of the coin, since microsoft stuff is so widely used, it’s a virus and hacker magnet.

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    Robert Eckhardt

    I typically have Firefox and Opera open at the same time. Google Docs doesn’t work well in Opera requiring me to use Firefox.

    I also have IE8 with some sort of IE6 simulator thing on it so I can look at a single HR website.

    At home I use Chromium.

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    Lauren Modeen

    Chrome, chrome, chrome!

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    Tarryn Reddy

    Chrome… never had any issues with opening pages or displaying images.

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    Brian Hughes



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    Our agency just went to IE8 as of today as a matter of fact!

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    Lisa Borkowski

    We’re still using IE6 (State agency in WA St). It’s ridiculous. About 50% of the websites I visit alert me of my outdated browser. I hear rumors we’re going to be upgrading every month or so. Hasn’t happened yet..

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    Shannon Kennedy

    I’m a Chrome fan through and through!

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    Patricia Paul

    I mostly use Internet Explorer but recently started using Mozilla Firefox because it was the suggested browser when obtaining a particular digital certificate that I needed for GSA and the SIP system. Plus with Firefox you can see streaming video of little firefoxes–now that’s an added value for animal lovers.

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