When building a good sales team, sometimes you kiss a lot of frogs

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    Marissa Levin

    Hi everyone:

    Most of you know that I am the Women’s Entrepreneurship columnist for the Examiner, and I also write for Yahoo! and for Women Grow Business.

    My latest column for Women Grow Business addresses the challenge of finding good sales reps. When a small business is growing, it reaches a point in which the owner can not single-handedly support the business development and sales function. It is a stressful, but completely normal growing pain.

    My latest column not only helps readers devise strategies on how to find the sales reps that they need; it also gives advice on how to avoid hiring pitfalls, and lets readers know that finding the right person for this essential position is a challenge that every business owner faces.

    I welcome your comments and stories too.

    Thanks as always for your support!

    Here is the link to the column.


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