When the economy is down, the State of Indiana finds a way to save $3M PER YEAR!

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    Eric Koch

    It’s no secret that a down economy has a direct impact on state governments that find themselves with less tax revenue and more constituents in need of important services.

    While some state and local governments start to pare back on important services or government personnel, others are able to weather the storm by operating more effectively, increasing efficiency and cutting their operating expenses. Surprisingly, it’s often the smallest or simplest steps that bring the most significant savings.

    Take for instance the State of Indiana and a program launched by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels entitled Operating with New Efficiency – or OneIndiana for short. This particular program looked across the state’s disparate agencies and organizations to identify practices and procedures that could be consolidated at a savings to the government and its taxpayers. The state also worked to identify wasteful or inefficient practices and deploy systems to eliminate them or replace them with more effective processes.

    Our client, Pitney Bowes Management Services, recently published a new Advantage article on its resource center on the OneIndiana effort and how it saved the state $3 million a year.

    Is this something that can be utilized to increase efficiency in operations and expedite processes to work better and faster for constituents in your state?


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