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    Deb had a great discussion on how teams members interact and what the worst confrontation was in a team. But I want to share the lighter side of that & hear your funny stories on confrontation.

    What’s the oddest, worst, funniest or most horrific conversation you’ve had to have at work?

    I’ll start, because it is just bursting out of me:

    1. I worked at a hospital where we had 1 nurse who believed that the nurses should always wear white. Which was fine, she just didn’t believethat nurses should always wear white underwear. That was a conversation no one wanted to tackle but it had to be done…
    2. Even more askward at another job I had an injured machine operator and I drove him to the hospital. It was our policy to drug test on injury. He actually asked me to pee in a cup on his behalf. He said his brother, as a joke had mixed some pot in his cigarettes and oops he didn’t know it until he smoed it all gone. Sadly he was a good employee, but keeping a straight face on that was hard.

    What’s your horror story?

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    Corey McCarren

    I once worked at CVS and my “orientation” was being taken to the back room, berated and cursed at because the other workers were apparently not doing a good job, then told we are all like children to him. Needless to say, I didn’t go in the next day, and was called to be told that “I will never be getting another job in Riverhead again!!”. I worked at Target a week later.

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    Steve Ressler

    When a co-worker accidentally rammed a co-worker’s car in the parking lot….walking in “Bob…uhhh…I got something to tell you in private”

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    Terrence Hill

    In the olden days, when we used to have Video-Teleconferencing sessions, we found that participants often forgot that there was a camera facing them (especially the last site to speak). We could see participants sleeping, reading books (before blackberries), and even exploring their nostril cavaties. Very embarassing!

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    Terry! So funny. I can imagnie it all to clearly.

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