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    Candi Harrison has an interesting blog post that connects the dots between two news articles : (1) one that indicates citizens are not very satisfied with the services they are receiving and (2) another that discusses the importance of customer service.

    A question for you: Where does government get it right in terms of customer service? Do you have an example to share? How did you accomplish positive outcomes? How can we replicate these examples?

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    Robert Bacal

    Notice there are no replies…hmmm…

    Since I’ve worked with thousands of government staff on the topic of customer service, I can share my experience.

    By and large, you’ll find pockets of excellent customer service, and a number of excellent employees doing it. But they are pockets of success. That is NO different from what you find in the private sector, by the way.

    I have tons of specific anecdotes about government staff going way above and beyond in helping government customers, (I’ll try to share as I have time), but we need to keep in mind that the dissatisfaction of the public is base partly on a segment of reality, partly on their attitudes towards government (particularly in the USA), partly on stereotyping, and partly on “wanting government to regulate the neighbors while NOT regulating the person griping”.

    Little anecdote: HR person in government was contact via phone, in error, by a person who wanted information on pig farming (actually a specific branch in the Department of Agriculture). She took the caller’s information, spend a half hour tracking down the appropriate branch AND person to contact, informed the government employee, re-called the caller, and then had the caller transferred while she stayed on the line.

    I might add that this particular person in HR was eventually promoted to director level in the branch!

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