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    Shannon Kennedy

    The first thing I learned about when I moved up here to DC was a semi-annual obsession of the city of Washington. DC Restaurant Week is a beloved time of the year and is enjoyed by foodies all over the city.

    So what exactly is DC Restaurant Week? Let me ask you this: Is there an upscale place you’ve been dying to try, but just can’t afford? Want to impress your significant other without breaking the bank?

    Restaurant Week grants residents and visitors of the District to enjoy awe-inspiring, multi-course menues at fixed (and very reasonable) prices. When else would a young professional like myself be able to enjoy a 3 course meal for less than 50 bucks? I love this week. If you are a newly hired DC newbie or just haven’t participated in Restaurant Weeks of years before, I highly recommend that you check out this year’s list and check it out for yourself!

    Interested? Here’s what to do:

    1. Get a group together
    2. Go to the listing of all participating restaurants and pick out a winner
    3. Make your reservation on OpenTable
    4. Enjoy your fabulous dining experience!

    So here you have it. One of the best ways to dive into the city and find a cool new dining spot!

    Where are you going for Restaurant Week?

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    Mark Hammer

    We ate at a Five Guys on Sunday that opened up here in Ottawa. Does that make me an honorary American federal public servant? 😀

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    Elliot Volkman

    Yes it does. It also increases your chance of a heart attack 🙂 They have great burgers.

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    Peter Sperry

    Most cardioligists would view a Five Guys bacon cheesburger with large fries as an improvement over pontean(sic). I would still go with the pontean.

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    Well, seeing how I’m about 2,000 miles from DC in the Atlantic I probably won’t be participating and will suffer through the fresh seafood with local wines and cheeses. Another opportunity to eat for my country and extend bi-cultural relations.

    I’m from the government and I am here to help!

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    Yep … Poutine … french fries, cheese curds and typically gravy … coronary in a bowl. Delicious!

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    Peter Sperry

    Would a Five Guys bacon cheesburger, a large side of poutine and a supersize choclate shake qualify as a ticket to heaven?

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    Mark Hammer

    One of the Food Network shows is a family favourite “Bitchin’ Kitchen”. The host and main character (and it is a cooking comedy, if such a category can exist, with a cast of characters) is a tough-mouthed Italian Montrealer. She recently described her favourite food as “gnocchi poutine” – gnocchi with cheese curds and gravy – kind of the perfect Italian/Quebec dish. But I digress…..

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    Katie P.

    I recommend Willow in Arlington (Ballston). They do a great job for RW with a decent number of selections, really artful food, and just-right portion sizes (a lot of food for 3 courses but no one course is overwhelming). Just a couple more days of the official RW, but Willow (and many other restaurants) extends the RW menu until August 28!

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    Steve Ressler

    Hill Country is sooooo good. I mean it really is and I come from a family of bbq’ers! I try so hard to stay away from that place but it is not doable. Co Co Sala is also good….The Heights and I haven’t been to Grillfish in a good bit. It’s quite possible that I’ve been to most of the places on the list. 🙂

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    Stephanie Slade

    We ate at Coeur de Lion. It was pretty darn good.

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    Oh I thought you asked WHAT am I eating this week. Two words: vending machine. Horrible.

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    @Dannielle, Please eat healthy food! 🙂

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    @Susan – thanks! I will try but it is not easy…I have discovered the hidden stash of peanut M&Ms at work and between that and Red Bull am lost in a haze of sugar and caffeine. So truly bad.

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    Carol Davison

    The Berlin Cafe. Yummy German food.

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    Jeff S

    Pot belly Sandwich shop

    Best hotdog/half-smoke/sausage is the street vendor on C street between 14th and 12th. Much cheaper than the corner vendors and tastier as well.

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