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    Stephanie Slade

    The question is: Is there a list out there of federal government meeting spaces in or around the D.C. area, with POCs? Anyone have any information on this?

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    Tom Savoie


    Try this link to the GSA. http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104886


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    Steve Ressler

    That’s a really good question as meeting space is always hard to find. For Young Gov Leaders, we’ve held some meetings at HHS main lobby area and GAO

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    Doug Belling

    Sadly, they only offer NCR’s auditorium and some smaller rooms. Until last month, they also managed L’Enfant Plaza space, but that is no longer government space and NCR’s ROB is now their only offering. The website you cited also offers the Reagan Building (not cheap) and and the Nat’l Bldg Museum, which while great for 200+ is not so great for 50-100. I will check on the Mellon Auditorium as an option – forgot that was listed.

    I’m just surprised with such a large federal presence and the push to save on meeting/conference costs, there isn’t a central resource for all the departments/agencies to easily learn who has space and how to make reservations.

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