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    Patrick Fiorenza

    Does anyone have an great examples of customer service initiatives they would like to share? Who does it best in the Federal government? Thanks for the insights..

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    Candi Harrison

    I can give you two that I know from personal experience: signing up for Social Security and getting an expedited passport from the State Department. Social Security is the top of the heap – you can apply online using a very, very, very simple form (you almost don’t believe it’s government). Within a week, I had a phone call from the SSA telling me exactly what I could expect to get and when it would start. And that’s exactly what happened. So easy. Applying for a passport is a little more bureaucratic (the form is more complex); but the process was pretty straight-forward, I actually got an email acknowledgement when they received my application and told me about when I could expect to receive my passport. And they beat their own estimate by a mile. Great customer service. By the way – note that each of these processes involved using multiple service delivery channels – web, phone, and mail. Great customer service providers make sure those channels work together seamlessly. Kudos to Social Security and the State Department.

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    Patrick Fiorenza

    Thanks Candi! Great examples…I think the multi-channel approach is critical. Being able to provide the right information quickly via web, phone, mail is all part of great customer service. It’s always good hearing some success stories, to often we hear the negative, but sure there are dozens of other great examples. Thanks again!

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