Which Agency or Sector of Gov’t is the Least Safe?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    First off sorry for that title it’s pretty terrible. What I’m really getting at here is what agency or information do you think hackers try to hack the most.

    Obviously every facet of government probably gets hit with millions upon millions of attempted hacks every year but who’s getting hit the most? (if there are real numbers on this I would to see them).

    The reason this popped into my mind is because I was reading a ExecutiveGov Article about how HHS is already working on security issues of protecting peoples medical records and HIPAA stuff for when we go with national health care in 2014. First off I’m glad that a concern they are dealing with well in advance but it made me think: I bet that medical database becomes the number 1 target for hackers. I don’t think that knowing someone else’s medical info is big time info as far as profit but if that database got hacked all hell would break loose which is really what most hackers are interested in anyways.

    What do you think? Will it be a massive target?

    Also I’d be interested in hearing the answer to this: If there was a successful mass hack of government info what hacked info would concern you the least and what info being hacked would concern you the most?

    I feel really cynical writing all this but just a random thought I wanted to get out on paper.

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