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    Abhi Nemani

    Over at the Code for America Brigade, we’re hosting a national competition leading up to election day — a race of our own of sort — we’re calling, the “Race for Reuse.” It’s a new kind of apps contest, where the goal isn’t to build something new; instead, we want folks to take advantage of the applications for engagement already out there, stand them up fast, and then “race” to get real users engaging with the tools. If nothing else, we want to make the point that when it comes to engagement, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    We’ve chosen 4 applications to feature in the competition:

    • Adopta: A Tool to Share Responsibility for Civic Infrastructure
    • Textizen: SMS-based Citizen Feedback for the 21st Century
    • Shareabouts: Map-Based Crowdsourcing
    • LocalWiki: Plased-based Knowledge Sharing

    Check out more detail on the applications, and join the race here: http://c4a.me/cfa-r4r

    What I was interested in hearing from the GovLoop community was which of these applications would you or your government be most interested in. CfA’s focus is local, and I know many of the members here are from state or federal governments, but I’d bet there’s applicability for these tools at all levels of government. I’d love to hear about your ideas and thoughts.

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    Steve Ressler


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    Kenny Alston

    i like textizen as well.

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    Cat Robinson

    Awesome work! Hyping up what’s already out there to build upon it is a great way to save resources. (I too like Textizen).

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