Which Photo of 2011 Do You Think is the Most Powerful?

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    Paul Homan

    I love the end of the year as being a time that reflects on all that has happened. I am one of those who buys the end of the year People Magazine Deluxe Edition.

    I came across this article on Buzzfeed. Photographs are very powerful reminders of the year and so I thought I would see which ones people thought were the most powerful and why.

    I personally like the picture of the NY Firemen watching the words Osama is Dead scrolling in front of them.

    What Picture Do You Think is the Most Powerful?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Here’s my picks:


    Best actual picture:

    Most powerful:

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    David Reinbold

    I really liked the picture of the situation room, where US officials were updated on the Osama bin Laden mission.

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    Paul Homan

    YES! Me too! I thought that was very poignant. Especially Hillary!

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    Paul Homan

    This one is so touching!

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    Ed Albetski

    The police pepper spraying Occupy demonstrators strikes a Tiananmen Square chord with me. Here in the US I would have hoped protesters would be better treated. I guess I should be happy we just used pepper spray and not tanks.

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    Great post!!! Personally the most powerful images are the ones which question democratic governance and public demonstrations. Whether it is the U.S. or the middle east 2011 have proven to unveil the truth behind democratic values and government power.

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