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    Steve Ressler

    So I’m not really a phone guy…email or FB/Twitter/GovLoop or face-to-face. My girlfriend can attest to that and other co-workers (for better or worse)

    I’ll use it when it’s needed but honestly it’s my last defense…
    Was interesting to talk to a few senior leaders lately and they said same thing.
    They either like email/quick communication or face-to-face…and rarely call/use phone.
    Here’s a pretty cool article by FCW following the day-to-day Mult-tasking of 3 CIOs where it’s mentioned.
    You? How do you communicate best?
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    Steve Ressler

    Quote from Roger Baker, CIO of VA from article

    What’s interesting to me is that I’ve gotten a long way away from voice. Plenty of times the personal touch is required, but from my standpoint, I’d rather walk down the corridor and see the person than call them on the phone.

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    Cindie Apruzzese

    I do have a cellphone but I don’t like talking on it. Instead, I like texting on it. I at times want quietness and the silent was to communicate is by texting friends, family, etc.

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    Interesting, Cindi…wonder how many senior leaders actually use text to quickly communicate with staff, especially Millennials.

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    Totally agree…dislike phone…prefer:

    1. Chat
    2. Email
    3. Twitter
    4. GDocs

    If in office, no sub for face-to-face, but even the above tools can cover most topics, reserving f2f for deeper dives on key topics/projects….and then limiting to 30 minutes one-on-one, 60 for group. Forces focus.

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    Carmen Geisendorff

    Def – phone calls LAST RESORT. I just don’t have that kind of time!

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