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    Attia Nasar

    At the Social Media For Government Conference there was an interesting talk on communities by Danielle Germain from NAPA. The following is from her presentation:

    Who is your community? (learn to utilize the wisdom of the crowd!)
    So who is the crowd?
    -does the crowd have deep policy expertise?
    -ability to speak gov?
    -knowledge of your internal processes?
    -sense of urgency around your mandates?
    How are you communicating? (don’t use gov speak…but simple, everyday language.)
    So what do crowds know?
    -what they want and need from gov
    -how to interact
    -what info they want
    -best practices or ideas that work in their communities/lives
    -outcomes gov needs to accomplish
    Additional comments appreciated!
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    Stephen Peteritas

    I see this kind of as how you would use your lifelines in Who Wants to Be Millionaire: You can ask the crowd the easy questions and just simply go with the majority and feel good about the answer aka that 2nd group of questions: what do you want and how do you want it provided. But the more serious questions are more like phone a friend: you want to specifically target the people in your crowd who really have said issue down and know the tough questions or at least have a proper background to tackle them.

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