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    Ellen McCarthy

    Do you use twitter? Do you find it useful in retrieving information? How does your agency use Twitter?

    I’ve heard it has a great impact on Emergency Preparedness and Planning… any other significant uses???

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    Henry Brown

    I use Twitter in a somewhat NON-traditional manner. Use it for another source of information for my newsletters and Blogs.
    Have probably only sent 10 or 20 Tweets from my desktop/laptop (do not own a smart phone and have probably only sent 5 text messages in my lifetime) primarily as a response to a received tweet requesting additional information.

    There has been talk in the local community, in adding an “automatic tweeter” to the emergency weather alert. Which now is strictly an automatic phone dialer. The local school board, prior to the big budget crunch, was looking at upgrading their notification system to a “Tweeter” system.

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    Amy Adams

    My agency uses Twitter exclusively to communicate news about the agency to the interested public. We use it to drive traffic to our blog, to content on our site, and to news stories we think people will find interesting. So far we’ve had a good response and consider it to be a valuable part of our communications strategy.

    You can see what we’re up to here: http://www.twitter.com/CIRMnews

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