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    Ari Herzog

    The clutter. The noise.

    See http://skitch.com/ariherzog/nqs11/sample-govloop-view

    There’s too much going on, very little white space. Maybe it’s Ning, but I can’t focus on what to click on, what’s trending, what’s new. So, I visit this site once a week if that. Until now, I haven’t been to govloop.com in a few weeks. I’ve tried subscribing to the RSS feed of new blog posts, but too much is coming through and over 50% of it has nothing to do with government but web tools.

    I’m as a big an evangelist of govloop as anyone, but I’m getting frustrated very quick…which is why I’m not participating in things as much as I used to.

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    Steve Ressler

    Thanks for the feedback Ari. We have a few design changes to help solve the clutter and noise. Moving to more “best of” and aggregation so you can find the best stuff quickly.

    Changes will start rolling out in a couple weeks and through the spring. But have heard this similar complaint (too much info, too much noise) so working hard to fix it.

    Any suggestions on places where you like how the filter the clutter and noise? Best practices?

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    Ari Herzog

    Look at Britney Spears’ Ning group at http://www.circusvip.com for instance. Different color structure so the contrast is easier on the eyes. That’s one.

    But note how the blog posts are expanded somewhat, to provide a preview. And note how there are less groups listed, no event activity… overall less sidebar activity.

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    Steve Ressler

    Any thoughts on friendsorenemies.com? That’s one approach been looking at for display.

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    Ari Herzog

    I think it comes down to 1) color for the green is poor contrast with my computer resolution, forcing my eyes to look at everything with the white background which we agree is too much; and 2) how much content is too much.

    When I clicked to http://friendsorenemies.com there is a lot of vertical scrolling. It reminds me of a tumblr blog. Where’s the meat above the fold? Where’s the meat here and now above the fold? If someone’s visiting govloop, they know what it is so is it necessary to have such a large horizontal banner? Can the banner go along one of the sides? Would Ning allow that?

    Or… get away from Ning. Go Drupal.

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    Jill Miller Zimon

    Ari – I think a lot of nings get like that – I know I’m on a few others and haven’t visited them in forever. But some have groups, right? Maybe that’s something to focus on, I’m not sure. Thoughts?

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    Edward Williams

    Ari, As far as I can tell the only difference between circusvip (britney spears)/friendsorenemies and govloop is the color; as far as content and scrolling, it seemed the same to me. Btw, what resolution are you using?

    I am new to govloop and that may be why but I like what I am seeing – it’s a way for me to learn about how people in govt agencies operate and “think”; Whether it’s a post about internet identity or what web tools people are using. I agree with Jill, if you’re looking for a bit more “filtered” information, groups might be the way to go.

    Steve, I have one suggestion about groups. I click on one of my groups and it says the latest activity was 2 hours ago (just an example)…I tried very hard but I couldn’t find what that activity was. I don’t know if that’s something you have control over or if that’s a Ning thing but I’d say that’s something to look at.

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    Ari Herzog

    I’m using a 1920×1080 resolution, which this 21″ iMac monitor was factory set at. I haven’t found a reason to change it.

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    John Moore

    While I am fairly new to govloop I have to agree with Ari that the site design is overwhelming. I am hanging out here to learn more about open government and related topics so not going anywhere at this point. I am very much looking forward to seeing what updates are coming, though. Thanks. -John

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    Pam Broviak

    Ari – I love Drupal! and I just have to tease you a little about your Britney Spears comment – you have to be the only person visiting her site that actually paid attention to the layout, structure, and ease of use of the Website.

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    Steve Ressler

    Yep…actually I’ve done a ton of research on other platforms especially Drupal.

    It’s like most software – on the surface seems perfect but actually a lot of trade/offs when you start going down the list of what you need.

    There are some social networks built on Drupal. But after talking to ton of people, Drupal is not inherently social. Although Drupal 7 coming soon and other releases help it do social better…

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