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    I was just emailing back and forth with a couple acquisition professionals about the unique value of GovLoop and one of them said the following:

    I think we should begin by asking ourselves, “Why should folks visit the site?” There are a number of different sites that have good content on Federal acquisition. For news, there’s GovExec.com. For rules, legal decisions, and answers to technical questions, there’s Wifcon.com. What sets the GovLoop acquisition site apart from the rest? If the answer is “nothing”, then maybe we need to think about what’s missing from the landscape of acquisition sites and focus our efforts there.

    So I suggested we should ask the community…move the conversation to the public sphere to get a sense of what people need. One response so far by email:

    For me, GovLoop should be a forum and discussion on acquisition topics and knowledge. You are correct in that there are other places to go for information, and perhaps for technically specific information they are better suited.

    However, GovLoop should be a first stop for procurement folks looking for relevant information on the topics and challenges they face every day.

    What do you think? What’s missing and where we can provide value – core resources and assistance that you can’t get / aren’t getting elsewhere?
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    Sherry Taylor

    Remember too that GovLoop is not just for federal, but also for state and local municipalities. Having an extra source for us to network and talk to peers on a social media site is pretty important. The key thing in my view, is getting more people to use it. The more people we bring to the conversation the better you are able to get a diverse point of view or see that something is, in fact, best practice.

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    Mindy Giberstone

    I agree that the focus of discussions is very heavily tilted toward Federal procurement. Beyond that, this isn’t a place to share specs, or the source for our beloved regulations and procedures. I come to GovLoop for more general management type discussions.

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    Peter G. Tuttle

    GovLoop is a great place to conduct a necessary ongoing dialog about our acquisition profession and how we execute our respective missions. We can discuss issues and share best practices using a “safe” venue. The challenges that we all face in the acquisition world can be pretty daunting at times and GovLoop can be a place to reach out, pulse the community, vent, opine, etc. about those subjects that we all deal with daily. To me anyway, participating in forums such as GovLoop helps to promote understanding – and learning – for us all. What is missing is the process of how we, as a community, can progress good ideas into some sort community action or some activity that will result in change. GovLoop is not alone here – a number of organizations/associations, host wonderful events, forums, etc. where really “meaty” issues are discussed but actionable items are not a byproduct of the process. Since we all have day jobs here, it is tough to dedicate even more time to take our engagements to the next step. Cheers. Pete


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    Jaime Gracia

    Sharing best practices, along with blowing off steam with frustrations, is an important forum for learning. GovLoop helps this process through the safe environment of collaboration.

    I hope more people understand this and participate.

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    Hi Sherry – How do you think we can help members to invite more of their peers?

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    Thanks, Mindy. What challenges are you having these days where we could get help from the community?

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