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    Michael Collyer

    Well that is a question. So will answer it as best I can. Let’s go back a few years I started
    business ecommerce website called Decorative living I was a real novice to the
    world wide web so I designed an website got it hosted and it went live.

    I then started rubbing my hands together thinking I have a great looking website I will get
    tons of internet visitors. Guess what I did not. I thought to myself what’s
    going on why does not anybody click on my wonderful site. Quite simple really
    the site just was not optimised for search engines. All the major search
    engines just did not know that I even had a website.

    The biggest mistake we can make is this. Your high street shopper you go to your shopping
    centre or high street you are looking at all the lovely shop front windows
    displays saying huge saving in side or really eye catching window displays
    which they do to get you in side there shop.

    Now let’s talk about an online internet business its virtual ecommerce site it’s not visual
    you cannot touch it. So do I find a business or service or product?

    Quite simple really you use search engines or shopping listing directories. So let’s look deeper at
    the search engine how it works. Lets imagine that I am shopper and I want to
    buy gifts for women so I would go to a search engine and type these words
    in and press go the search engine then searches all there databases for related
    information on those keywords. Then the search engine will display on the page
    all websites relating to the criteria you imputed in i.e. gifts for women.

    Now this is where the fun starts let’s say my site is a gifts shop and guess what I sell
    gifts for women. I need to be in the first page of the search engine with my
    URL that’s website address my description. But in the real world you will not
    be there more like page 10 and beyond.

    So how can I achieve better results quite simple really you have to tell the search engines
    that you sell gift for my wife or near as possible to this phrase. It is called
    a title tag.

    Now let’s now talk about why I should bother with internet directories. Again quite simple
    really you can gain quality back links to your site this is very important to
    your online business.

    Example Let’s say you use my world business listing directory you then look for the best
    category is very important you spend time getting this right so you sell gifts
    the best main category would be shopping then good quality directories will
    have sub categories you then would look for gifts as your sub category. Then
    you fill out the form it will ask you for the title tag this is the most
    important part you must take time in getting this bit right. So example title
    tag would be Unique gifts for women online shopping looking at the tag you have
    put in your keywords which are unique gifts women then in your website page category
    please make sure your keyword phrase is there. Now your description make
    sure your keywords are placed in the wording. You then add your URL e-mail and
    other information. You then add listing. Once it has been checked it will go
    live. All the major search engines are always looking for new information they
    will scan the directory and follow the link title tag back to your site they
    then check for relevance and that’s how you get ranking. The more links
    pointing to your site with these relevant keywords the more chance of you being
    found within the search engines.

    Another tip is when you are submitting your online business try and get your site featured
    there is usually a small fee for this but it is well worth it. For example my
    business listing directory is Google rank 3 if you go for showcase your
    business or service will be displayed on my front page of my directory. Google
    will look at the link of your site and the link was you have listed and check
    the rank of both sites the higher the ranking the better.

    Well I do hope this has helped you understand the importance of listing your business or
    services to directories.

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