Will there be more (federal) social media jobs in 2011 (IT Specialist)

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    Kanika Tolver

    I hope the federal government plans to hire more social media jobs for IT Specialists in 2011.

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    Michele Costanza

    I would like to see a position classification that combines skills in media, education, training, and IT. I don’t think IT specialists are necessarily the best at social networks.

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    Steve Ressler

    At the federal level I’ve seen this same job as both a 2210 IT Specialist and as public affairs specialist.

    My guess is there won’t be a new position classification as that seems to take forever and doesn’t seem done that often (webmasters are still 2210 IT specialists)

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    Robert A. Moss

    I am in a Federal Corporate University setting and I feel strongly that a social media position should reside intraining. The fact of the matter is the corporate/federal learning and development environment must accomodate the generational change and the new employees’ demand that we use collaborative learning. Their question will be “why don’t you have it?” and we should provide the social learning/networking platform. The overriding issue is to design and develop a usable framework within our environments. The challenge is to wotk with guidance for sharing information and the internal IT demands.

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