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    Don’t tell anyone, but I frequently check out Drudge Report to get breaking news…and here’s how I was greeted today:

    Is this the mood in your office or is it just media hype?

    Are people a little leery about being targeted now in response to our US military action?

    How do you try to represent government as you talk to neighbors, friends and family members?

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    Steve Ressler

    This was a comment by Peter Sperry on a previous version of this post:

    No, I am not worried about backlash attacks by terrorists. There is a statistically greater chance of being struck by lighting multiple times than being a victim of a terrorist. Anyone prone to cower in fear should seriously reconsider driving on the highway, walking city streets after dark, eating day old fruit, swiming after eating or a host of other activites far more dangerous than leading a normal life in world with a handful of crackpots.

    Yes, I am greatly concerned about the excessive overreation which we can expect from law enforcement, Homeland Security and publicity seeking politicians. Senator Schumer has already called for a “No Ride” list for Amtrak, the DC Metro has said they may expand their violations of the 4th amendment rights of passangers, and of course TSA immediatly put up a blog post promising to protect us from ourselves (in an environment so dangerous they bring their children to watch). I can remember when this country was much less of a police state and pray for the day when we sill shake off our paranoia and get back to living our lives. Our grand parents who lived through the gangster wars of the 30s and our great grandparents who lived through everything from violent inner city slums to the wild west would be deeply ashamed to see how we meekly cower in fear every time there is a news report of something violent in the world and they would certainly never have tolerated the contempt for civil liberties demonstrated on a daily basis by those who “keep us secure”.

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    It’s strange times we live in where we actually question whether we should have refrained from killing a mass murdering lunatic in order to avoid enraging other murderous lunatics! Our enemies don’t respect passivity and softness, and showing ourselves to have resolve by attacking terrorism wherever we find it sends a message of strength to our enemies that we will win this war.

    OBL is gone, now let’s go get his successor, and that guy’s successor, and that’ guy’s successor, etc. until they are all in that great afterworld that they so eagerly want to find…

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    Carol Davison

    No. I believe that we showed the hypocracy of Bin Laden asking youth to marytr themselves while living in a nice house and hiding behind his wife when he was attacked. Abraham Lincoln said that they best way to beat your enemy was to make him your friend. I wonder if the democracying of Egypt, etc is a part of the standard of living we demonstrated by our presence in the Middle East.

    I too am disgusted by people who need their “noses” whiped in order to function. Bejamin Franklin said “he who would exchange his liberty for a bowl of pottage deserves neither.”

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