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    Henry Brown

    Booze Makes Comeback at Work as Silicon Valley Taps IPad-Linked Kegerators.

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    “In a contemporary version of “Mad Men” and its bibulous ad executives, more dot-coms are embracing the idea of drinking at work. That means keeping bars stocked at all hours, installing kegerators and letting programmers tip back a few while they code. It also raises questions about the effect of alcohol on productivity and the safety of employees. ”

    I haven’t read all the fine print in all the various teleworking policy documents but suspect that just maybe this is going to be an issue in some environments in some cases….

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    David Dejewski

    Alcohol in the work place. An interesting discussion. Definitely Way Out Of the Box! Thank you for posting this in the Way Out of the Box! Forum ( This idea is right at home there.

    As a former medically trained Navy guy, I have an eye on safety. I sure wouldn’t mind a drink every now and then – some days more than others – but some environments don’t lend themselves well to alcohol. I think many a bureaucratic meeting might go better with a drink or two, but for the bulk of what we do, we need our wits.

    I do remember some English sailors who still got their rations of beer on board their sailing vessels though. They’ve been doing that since the days of the wooden sailing ships. I suppose they make it work.

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    Denise Petet

    The beer for sailors and wine was more of a safety issue than alcohol issue. Most water back then was horribly contaminated and unsafe to drink. ‘Watered Wine’ meant you added just enough wine to the water to kill the bacteria that would otherwise kill you. And sailors drinking beer was because beer would keep and be safe to drink while water in barrels wouldn’t be safe to drink after a month at sea.

    The beer that they made back then also wasn’t the same as beer now. There was usually just enough alcohol to kill the bacteria and you’d have to drink a lot to get drunk. (Of course, drinking all the time also increased one’s tolerance to the alcohol.)

    I see no issue with alcohol at work. In fact, there are days that i would LOVE to have a little rum in my diet coke. 🙂

    The key is that the persons involved need to hold their booze. I think the biggest reason it’s outlawed by many employers isn’t a knee jerk ‘alcohol is evil’ as it is a ‘ok, too much of a pain to deal with those 3% that can’t hold their booze, so easier to just outlaw it for all’ type of ruling.

    Well, that and the liability issue. If a work place allows and even provides alcohol, then the employee messes something up, making a mistake, driving home while over the limit, etc, then it’s the employer’s fault. Another reason it’s easier to just disallow it.

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    David Foster

    Wow! I hadn’t thought about telework and alcohol. Hmm…how is the government going to impose itself (enforce rules) in your own home when you’re on the clock? A great debate to have over a beer! As we move toward more telework options, this and many more issues will need to be thought through.

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    Henry Brown

    David D: Can remember in an rather ancient war (Vietnam) where the servicemen on the ground were on occasion given the chance to have a beer or two, Vietnam was probably the first war where going to rear for relaxation was NOT getting you out of the “danger zone” Did we drink while we were on patrols NO! , I am certain that there were people who were “high” on other substances while in the active combat role, although our leadership tried to (rather successfully) convince most if not all that being drunk or high was NOT in their best interest.

    Denise: Would offer that those good leaders probably don’t treat everyone the same. I, being a baby boomer, can remember where a significant amount of productive time was spent at “happy hour” Those who, for whatever reason, were unable to be professional were quickly “banned” from the group.

    David F: It is all about TRUST! It is my opinion, that this lack of trust is one,not the only one for sure, of the reasons that Telework/Rowe is not exactly booming out of the gates.

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    Denise Petet

    I totally agree. You deal with the ‘problem children’, not treat everyone the same. Although, to play the devil’s advocate, for every ‘weak’ drinker you’d smack, you’d have someone playing the ‘you’re only picking on me because of…..’ card. hence the reason we all tend to get tarred with the same brush.

    We are not allowed booze on the premisis. That said, you wanna go out to lunch and have a drink, go for it. Just don’t drink is such a way that we all know that you drank. (hold your liquor or stick to soft drinks).

    To look at people working at home, the ‘how to you justify your time and what did you do every hour of the day’ attitude needs to change. Success needs to be judged more on a completion basis than a ‘how did you fill your time’ basis.

    Which also means that work load needs to be tailored to each person. I’m someone, if i’m working on a project, every once in a while I need to sit up, walk away, take a break and then get back to work. So the whole ‘stick your nose to the grindstone and don’t let up or i’ll think you’re slacking’ attidue really runs counter to how I (and I think a lot of people) work.

    it also requires that the person handing out the assignment needs to have a realistic grasp of the job and how it’s done, so that they know a realistic time span for completion. There have probably been just as many cases of unknowledgable boss setting unrealistic deadlines as there have been unknowledgable boss accepting excuse after excuse from a slacker.

    So just as much weighs on the skills and knowledge of the supervisor as it does the dedication and honesty of the employee.

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