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    Curious to hear if agencies publish classified ads for their employees – where the employee may announce items for sale to other employees. Our Communications dept. wants to provide this “service” to our employees. From an HR standpoint, I have some serious reservations. For a few reasons, such as a purchase of a “faulty item”, the employee lists so many items that it becomes one person’s garage sale; posting, responding, and the “sale” takes place on work time, taking away time spent on work (possibly a considerable amount), any negative sales transactions could affect employee and/or office morale, result in harrassment, violence, etc.

    If you do allow workplace classified ads, do you have a policy? Any positive or negative workplace instances you might share? Weighing the pro’s and con’s — would like to hear your thoughts.

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    Lisa Peterson

    We have had a “Want Ads” section on our intranet for at least 5 years and it hasn’t been a problem at all. Our employees do appreciate it and we feel it eliminates the temptation to send advertisements out via agency e-mail. They can post the information themselves, along with pictures, or ask me to do it. I monitor it from time to time just to make sure there is nothing inappropriate on it and to remove outdated postings. We keep the following information posted on the site:

    This site is intended to be used to place announcements for non-profit events and advertisements looking to buy, sell, borrow, adopt or give away. Think of it like a bulletin board. This site is not appropriate for posting advertisements for commercial or for-profit businesses. For instance Avon or other direct-to-consumer sales, ads for local businesses, or regular money-making enterprises. It is fine for occasional sales of things like no-longer needed furniture and things like that. It is not allowable to use this site for announcements of political meetings or events. Things that are acceptable are things like charity fundraisers. You can always contact me, (name), if you have questions.
    Please note: any advertisements or notices on this site are being presented as a service to (Agency) employees. Any questions or contacts about these requests should be made during appropriate break times or before or after work hours. Publication does not constitute (Agency) endorsement of any program or affiliate.
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    Thanks for the response, and the verbage you’re using as well! Much appreciated!

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