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    Kristin Dziadul

    Have you ever experienced an instant of significant data loss? Maybe it was an important email stream, company specific financials, a marketing plan, big presentation, or even an important photo album?

    Either way, a loss of any of the above are significant. Have any of those or any other instances occurred to you? Were you able to recover any of your data? How did you remediate the loss/recover from it?
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    Henry Brown

    Being a Veteran I was a victim of the stolen/lost laptop by the contractor for VA, All that I did at that time was monitor my credit reports very closely for 6 weeks until the laptop was found and returned to the rightful owners…

    Within the past 6 months I noticed a charge on one of my credit cards from a town where I hadn’t been to for at least a couple of years. Called the credit card company, after sending the payment in, they immediately canceled the account and sent me a couple of pages of forms to be completed, Upon my return of the forms my new account was credited for the charges that had been made

    Been Several years now but had a credit card stolen from my mailbox. Two days later when I received the letter informing me of my PIN, I immediately called the credit card company and wondered why the out of sequence letters. They immediately canceled the number, had me file a police report and they sent a letter to the credit bureau indicating that unauthorized use of my account had occurred. They called back a week or two later indicating that some charges had been made at a local business but I wasn’t to worry I would not be billed for them.

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    Kristin Dziadul

    Yikes that sound like a hassle! To your first point about a laptop being stolen, I actually just wrote a blog post on my personal blog about that. My point, however, was that if I was to ever lose my laptop, I wouldn’t lose any of my data since I work 90% on Google Apps, backup all my online accounts and local computer files. I would never lose data since they are all stored in the cloud (although I would sorely miss my laptop).

    If you want to check out my post and let me know your thoughts, it’s here: http://kdmedianow.com/2010/09/22/mad-lost-computer/

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