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    Emily Landsman

    Facebook has announced that it is starting a trial service that allows personal posts to be more visible…by paying $7.

    Read the full article here on the Wall Street Journal online. (Also see within the article a link to the Facebook release.)

    This service has been available for pages for a few months now, but it’s new to personal accounts. I’m thinking now we might formally begin to separate “classic” social media, whereby you connect with friends and other actual humans, and “commercial” social media where you connect with businesses. Where would government fit in?

    What do you think? Is there ever a circumstance in which you’d pay for social media that has so far been free?

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    Denise Petet

    I wouldn’t pay. My personal facebook is for me to contact friends, and I don’t need to promote myself.

    In fact, personally? When I see ‘promoted pages’ spamming up my facebook, it’s just that, spam. Unsolicited ads I can’t opt out of or block. I’ve stopped using the official facebook (and twitter) apps because of this. Twitter also does ‘promoted tweets’, so same thing)

    If I had a ‘friend’ that was doing that I’d seriously consider unfriending them.

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    Kevin Lanahan

    No, I can’t see paying. As an agency, if there is some urgent message that needs to go out, it will go out through the usual channels, including social media, but we won’t pay for it. We wouldn’t pay for a news release.

    Personally, if I ever get so narcissistic that I feel anything I have to say is important enough to pay to promote, it is time for me to stop using social media.

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    Paul L. Rau

    I can’t see myself paying for Facebook either. The bar has been set for social media services to be free. I couldn’t now imagine being willing to pay for it. If I were an advertiser or organization seeking exposure, I might feel different though.

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