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    Jaimey Walking Bear

    Random question for everyone – if you could do any other/additional line of work or recreation, what would it be?

    Me? DJ/producer/remixer.

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    Motivational speaker and coach…think Tony Robbins…only cooler and less creepy/info-salesmercially. 🙂

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    Steve Ressler

    hmmm….maybe I’d be “The Dude”

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    Terrence Hill

    I’d like to be a Park Ranger. It’s probably my inner Eagle Scout, but I love the outdoors and I like to he2!lp others appreciate the beauty of this great country. Instead, I plan to visit all of our National Parks. Can’t wait until I’m 62!

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    Radiah Givens-Nunez

    I’d be an anthropologist, love cultural artifacts from around the world, especially artifacts from Egypt, Peru, and the American Indian culture. love it! .

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    Radiah Givens-Nunez

    LOL, That rocks!

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    Radiah Givens-Nunez

    I can see that!

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    Radiah Givens-Nunez

    What type of music do you remix??? I have a guess in my head, very curious???

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    Tina M Borger, CPPO

    Help low-income women be more successful in the workplace by providing business makeovers (clothes, hair, makeup).

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