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    David Dejewski

    So many people are interested in the “…Seven Words or Less” challenge, that I thought I would kick it up a notch and see how many can still hang!

    This idea comes from an awesome (and creative) GovLooper who responded to my “…Seven Words or Less” challenge in Haiku. Paul Boos wrote:

    Agility sought

    Remove the endless barriers

    Now the path is smooth

    Paul clearly broke the rules of “Seven Words or Less,” but he served up a challenge we can’t let go unanswered.

    A Haiku, for those of us who are not familiar, has five (5) syllables in the first line, seven (7) in the second, and five (5) in the third. It does not have to rhyme.

    The challenge is to

    Describe yourself in Haiku!

    Be bold! Creative!

    Your Haiku can be about what you do, about who you are, about something you’ve noted about government, or about something you’d like to see happen. Oh heck… just write something cool!

    I’ll take the first shot, then pass the keyboard to you.

    Every day we chose

    Inner compass leads the way

    Value is our trade

    Have fun!

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    Who needs who today?

    Can’t wait to forge strong links

    Iron hones iron

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    David Dejewski

    Ha! Yup. That’s you, Andy. Excellent!

    Not easy is it?

    I suspect far fewer people will try their hand at Haiku than did with “Seven Words or Less.” This challenge is not for the faint of heart. . 😉

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