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    So I’ve been working from Starbucks for the past hour and half…and I just heard “Beer Barrel Polka” by the Andrews Sisters for the fourth time.

    That’s it! I think it’s time for me to go home (or put on some headphones)!

    What are the signs that you’ve spent far too much time at [insert coffee shop here]?

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    Jay A. Allen

    It’s time to leave the coffee shop and/or find an alternative to your alternative worksite when…

    1. “…the participants on the other end of your conference call ask you to describe the lunch special since they can’t hear you over the din in the background.”

    2. “…you start packing an inflatable pillow in your backpack/briefcase/laptop carrier in the event all the cushy seats are taken.”

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    Lauren Modeen

    Your sustenance for the day consists of the bite sized trial muffins, brownies, and mocha latte shots they hand out.

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    Amanda Blount

    Someone you know came in for breakfast and lunch coffee, and asks, “Have you been here all day?” and your answer is Yes. (and I did not even realize it.) 🙂

    LOL 🙂

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    Bill Brantley

    When you are asked to train the new baristas on how to make the various drinks and the Starbucks best business practices.

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    Kitty Wooley


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    Allen Sheaprd

    Manager toss’s you the keys saying “Morning shift comes in at 5:30 am. – let them in”

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    Steve Ressler

    You start getting annoyed at people next to you when they are talking…

    This happened to me as I was thinking…”Hey – this is my office here and I’m on a conference call”

    Then I remembered I was at Starbucks

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    Bill Brantley

    Reminds me of when my favorite local coffeehouse was slowly being turned into a real estate office by a roving band of realtors. They would come in the morning and camp out at all the available tables throughout the day. They were loud, constantly crashed the wifi, and held telephone conferences. I had to stop going there because I couldn’t concentrate on my reading and I was scared by one realtor. I couldn’t tell if she was selling houses or ordering hits on people but she clearly didn’t need any more caffeine.

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    Kitty Wooley

    You guys, this has been really entertaining to come home to the last couple of nights! There might be a book in here somewhere!

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