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    Emily Landsman

    I remember having a conversation with a colleague (well, I was an intern at the time and he was quite senior) about mobile devices in about 2000 or early 2001. He had an early BlackBerry type of device and was showing me how it worked. I was horrified by the idea and declared that I saw no need to have my email with me all the time. “Just wait,” he said.

    When my business travel began in 2003, I had no problem carrying around my laptop everywhere I went. Four years later, I had had enough. Between travel and grad school, I was having a hard time keeping up with not having email EVERYWHERE. I bought an iPhone.

    Now, of course, I sleep with it next to me. I try to leave it alone in the evening and on the weekends (earlier discussion here) but it doesn’t always work. I also sometimes feel those “phantom vibrations” when I think the phone is vibrating in my bag but it’s really not. I’m starting to rethink my attachment to this device.

    Aside from the phone, I’ve been wondering what other gadgets I don’t think I can live without anymore. I have to say my SoniCare toothbrush might be my #1. Or my DSLR camera. Or my awesome Dyson vacuum. Or my…

    Aside from your smart phone, what’s the one non-computer based gadget you can’t live without anymore?

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    Denise Hill

    I certainly cannot step in a puddle of water. I need my SoniCare Toothbrush, SoniCare Flosser, DSLR and Lenses, Clairsonic, and Noise Canceling Headphones. Good thing I don’t need to carry a laptop anymore.

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    Corey McCarren

    That little dude. Great company on runs and an extraordinarily long battery life.

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    William Lim

    I cannot get up in the morning without my Sony Dream Machine alarm clock radio.

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    Vanessa Vogel

    Every little gadget I would ever need is on my iPhone — camera, video, scanner, calorie counter, ipod, alarm clock, daily planner, etc. I really tried coming up with an answer but I am left without one. My iPhone does it all!

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