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    Dan Gephart

    I guess it’s a good day for the “What Would You Ask” posts … The FDR Conference is just a few weeks away. For quite a few years, we’ve gathered leaders from the big dispute resolution agencies — the Office of Personnel Management, Merit System Protection Board, the Federal Labor Relations Authority, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, etc. to share what’s going on at their agencies.

    This year, we’re setting up the session more like an interview. FDR Conference Chair Bill Bransford will moderate, and ask the agency leaders questions. I think it’s a good time for a format change since there’s a lot going on at those agencies (telework at OPM, ADA Amendment Act regs at the EEOC, etc.) Here’s your chance … if you had the opportunity to ask a question of one of these agency leaders, what would it be?

    I’ll pass on the questions to Bill and they may be used at the plenary. So ask away …

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    I’d ask how to deal with supervisors who escalate minor issues whimsically, use disciplinary actions in ways that they were never meant to be used, and seem to be completely unaware of EEO policy and Union contractual agreements. I understand that grievances and so on are the usual way, but those solutions are slow, and justice comes long after the damage is done.

    Would be great if there was a way to flag supervisors who are “problems” and expose toxic management practices before they become grievance, complaints or lawsuits. In my organization, unfortunately, HR typically supports and protects these bad guys…

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