GovLoop 2011 Charity Challenge: Federally Employed Women (FEW)

GovLoop is committed to giving back to the government community. Just before Thanksgiving, we wrapped up our 2011 Graduate Public Service Scholarship contest where we awarded $5,000 to three graduate students. Then we handed out 500 free lunches and held a scavenger hunt that rewarded 100 gift cards to public employees across the country to mark our 50,000-member milestone. Hot on the heels of those initiatives, we’re hoping you can help us spread even more holiday cheer to two worthy organizations that serve the government community – Federally Employed Women (FEW) and Young Government Leaders (YGL).

All you have to do is “Awesome” this post and we’ll give $5 to FEW.

Five seconds for you, $5 for them – easy, elegant.

ALSO: The organization with the most “Awesomes” between now and 12 Noon ET on December 21 will receive a bonus of $1,000! Help them win: tell your colleagues. Details on sharing are below.

Want to help Federally Employed Women win an additional $1,000?

Share on Twitter and Facebook. Email the message below to your colleagues:


Hey – I’m trying to help Federally Employed Women (FEW) in a simple contest this holiday season. All you have to do is click the link below, hit the “Awesome” button and GovLoop (a social network for public sector professionals) will give them $5.

…then forward this email to your colleagues.


P.S. In case you want to learn more:

Federally Employed Women ( is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1968 after the issuance of Executive Order 11375 that added “sex” to the prohibited discriminations within the federal government. FEW works to end sex and gender discrimination, to encourage diversity for inclusion and equity in the workplace, and works for the advancement and professional growth of women in federal service.

( is the premiere online community where more than 50,000 public sector professionals connect with colleagues, collaborate on common challenges and advance their careers.


You can also “Invite” from GovLoop:

Click here, then copy and paste the message above into your email.

Who’s #Winning?

They both are! But you can click below to see who has more “Awesomes”.

Oh, and One Last Thing

Join the Federally Employed Women Group on GovLoop

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Profile Photo Sue Webster

For all who have “AWESOMED” FEW so far, thank you! spread the word. YGL is gaining on us although FEW is still just a little bit ahead in this fun competition. The “winner” will win an additional $1000 at the end of the event! GO FEW!

Profile Photo Sue Webster

FEW supporters – you are doing great! FEW still leads but just by a few AWESOMEs – be sure to AWESOME on this page vs. the page with the totals (you can awesome there too but I believe this is the page that counts toward the totals! keep spreading the news! Thank you!

Profile Photo Sue Webster

It’s not too late to AWESOME FEW! You have until tomorrow to help FEW pull out the victory. We’re ahead by a mere 5 votes thanks to your support. Tell your friends and colleagues. FEW could win an additional $1000! Thanks all! and Happy Holidays!

Profile Photo Sue Webster

All, be sure not to “Un-awesome” your Awesomes. We were up to 150 earlier tonight on awesomes. Now we are at 141. Keep posting the Awesomes above. When you are done, it should read “It’s Awesome”. Thanks!

Profile Photo Natasha D. Ford

Thank you all for your support! FEW loves GovLoop and the capability to connect with all types of Government groups and people. We’re doing great on this challenge, but need to make sure we WIN! Please tell your friends to log in and AWESOME us right now! 🙂 THANKS!!!