Introducing the Govie of the Month: Rene Carter

Government does tremendous work every single day. Every. Single. Day. However, often these awesome stories go untold. But that’s about to change, because GovLoop is highlighting one awesome and inspiring government employee every month. We’re going public to tell the world about the incredible work that government does.

And our first Govie of the Month recipient is an especially inspiring woman. Her name is Rene Carter and she is a Workforce Consultant for the state of Montana. Carter works with people recently released from jail to help them gain and keep employment. “As we all know, having a criminal history can be a barrier to many things, employment being a major one.”

Rene works with every person to determine what skills they have and match them to an employer who needs those skills. “Rene is really good at what she does, and is a great asset to our team and the community,” said Rob Bird, Carter’s Govie of the Month nominator.

In order to better understand what makes Carter such a terrific government employee, we sat down for a quick Q&A.

Describe your job.

"We assist customers that have a variety of barriers such as those recently released from prison both furloughed and paroled; drug and alcohol addiction; homelessness; veterans; and those with health problems needing to find a new employment niche while maintaining complete confidentiality. We support customers in writing, updating and formatting resumes and cover letters for both private sector and public-sector employment. We also conduct meetings for Unemployment Insurance as well as support claimants in registering claims, registering on Montana Works and completing weekly and biweekly claims. Researching and providing accurate interview questions for mock interviews, internships and state career interviews is another important aspect of the job. We assist customers with career research and local labor market information using Montana Career Information Systems (MCIS), O*NET, and DLI, Research and Analysis website and provide support for customers applying for training dollars. I provide case management services for customers who are applying for and using WIOA training money."

What makes you love the work you do?

"I love the work I do because it is helping people become from all aspects of life; from retired people looking for a new career, to recently laid off people who are looking for work and have never written a resume. I have worked with businessmen and women wanting to get into a helping role. I work with people who want to go back to school or take part in training as well as those interested in obtaining more education, from a GED to a college degree. In addition, I work with men and women recently released from prison who need and want employment as well as inmates who are released on a 10-day furlough whose stay in the community depends on their gaining of employment. No day is ever the same."

Why does being a public servant matter to you?

"It’s important work, it touches lives and makes a difference in someone’s life every day."

What would you like people to better understand about your work?

"I would like them to understand the scope of what we do in job services throughout the state of Montana. Job Service Montana impacted 29,041 clients through career guidance, workforce information and job search activities from July 01, 2016 to June 30, 2017."

If you want to nominate someone for Govie of the Month you can do so here.

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Debbie Wilson

Congratulations, Rene! I am so happy that you are the very first honoree. Our team does similar work in Missouri. It is exciting to realize that through Govloop, we can encourage others who share our passion to make a difference. Have a tremendously terrific Tuesday!

Deb Chouinard

I am Rene's supervisor, and I am so proud of her! Rene' is the newest member of our team, and has embraced working with one of the hardest to serve groups, wholeheartedly. I also want to recognize her nominator "Rob" Bird. Thank you, Rob, for taking the time to nominate Rene'. What an honor for Rene' to be the first Govie! Congratulations!!