Leadership Program – Thanks!

Thanks for expressing interest in the 2018 NextGen Leadership Program!

We are currently finalizing next year’s timeline based off of feedback from this year’s cohort. You will be the first to know the exciting details!


Here’s some feedback from past program participants:

“I used the insights from StrengthsFinder to advise my new boss about my strengths, then used the workshop materials to design and facilitate a team workshop! [I made] new contacts within my agency and others. My mentor gave me the confidence and tools to help me advocate for and obtain a GS-level promotion.”

“I have been promoted and given additional responsibility. I have also earned greater trust from my superiors as well as from my subordinates.”

“I choose a mentor from my organization who has provided me with awesome insight to advance my career. I really enjoyed the “Creating a Culture of Engagement by Leading at Your Level” and “Your Brain on Conflict” presentations. I learned how to engage my team members more effectively and how my brain processes conflict. I gained new perspectives of how to better deal with conflict within myself and others.”

“If it were not for the NextGen leadership program I probably would have left federal service. I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough for the excellent work you do very selflessly to support those in government.”

“The leadership program has been a rewarding experience for me and I am very thankful that I was allowed the opportunity. My favorite part of the program was having someone to share with and gain constructive feedback. It is always good to have a different viewpoint. I learned that consistency is very important and looking at things from a different perspective can make a difference in your desired outcomes and goals. The partnership allowed me to be accountable and work harder to complete my goals.”

“I gained a better understanding of the qualities of a good leader, and I improved my ability to effectively communicate what my agency does to someone from outside my agency. As a result of discussions with my mentor, I had a very positive discussion with my supervisor during my performance review where we addressed my interest in moving into a management role. Also using new skills I obtained from the program, I started a new employee organization at my agency.”