Learning Services

If you’ve been to GovLoop’s online trainings, you might have thought “I wish my government agency’s online training was this impactful, modern, and engaging.”  Lucky for you, it can be.   We have launched a new division (GovLoop Learning) leveraging our best practices we’ve learned creating engaging online trainings that reached over 35,000+ attendees last year on GovLoop.

Our GovLoop Learning division has created innovative learning experiences for agencies like the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Personnel Management, Small Business Administration, Treasury Executive Institute, Small Business Administration, Young Government Leaders and more!

Our work is based on a simple concept – how people are learning is changing.  Most people find in-person workshops and mandated “page turner” videos to be boring, un-engaging and ultimately ineffective at achieving learning objectives.

Modern learning is a continuous, interactive cycle that is increasingly occurring online. Think about how you learn. You may search the internet for articles, watch video tutorials, post on a discussion forum, or read case studies. You don’t have much time, so you want that content to be impactful and relevant. And that’s just the type of learning experiences we create for today’s government workforce.

GovLoop Learning’s mission is to transform learning for government, whether that’s converting classroom-based training to online engagement, creating powerful mentors programs, or flipping the script on ineffective webinars.

To learn more about GovLoop learning services please enter your contact information below or email Andrew Krzmarzick, VP of Learning and Development.

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about working with us:

“We cannot iterate enough about how pleased we are with the Federal Advocacy course! You all have done a fantastic job and many thanks, again! All of the updates are spot on and we can’t wait to have our people test the course out.” — National League of Cities

“We are so excited to be wrapping up the first phase of this project – it’s turned out so well and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our partners.” — Small Business Administration

“The course reflected care and thought, a good stack of resources, and a useful framework (webinar platform, collaborative space, etc.). Real world examples and discussion of them by the participants (aka peers) who thought them up and carried them out was very useful and encouraging. I also liked that it rolled out over several weeks, in order to deeply implant information that could otherwise be lost a few days after leaving an intensive “retreat” and returning to regular duties.” — Federal Highway Administration