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Digital Strategy: How Camden Council (UK) will be engaging with Camden’s local community through hyperlocal websites

This is a cross-posting from Camden Council’s (UK) blog, where I also blog. If you wish to receive updates on my research into government communication online, please join LGEO Research Facebook Page. Link to original post Camden exploring and learning from online neighbourhoods Recently, Camden’s webteam has been talking to Will Perrin, Founder of ‘TalkRead… Read more »

Getting the word out — a real team effort

We have all heard the importance of team work, but teamwork is sometimes the only way to make it work. Yesterday was just a typical morning at the HQ Public Affairs office until the Director asked a very simple question. Who is monitoring exercise BRILLIANT ARDENT coverage? No one else was around so I foundRead… Read more »

Say it in a Word Cloud! Visualizing Large Documents

What does the Defense Information Systems Agency Campaign Plan say about DISA? The surface of the ocean may seem static with only the ripples of waves on its surface, but underneath it is teeming with life and large currents acting like enormous rivers circulating and pulsing throughout. If our ocean was in the form ofRead… Read more »

The “Getting Started with Government 2.0” Guide

A slightly more graphically intensive version of this post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” In the last few months, I’ve received an increasing number of “hey Steve, how would you recommend someone get started in social media or Government 2.0?” emails, and I’ve gotten tired of sending out the same emailsRead… Read more »

Career Disruption Stress or Surviving “The Jack Benny Dilemma”: When It Really Is “Your Money or Your Life”

This week I was the keynote speaker at the Forty Plus annual dinner (, a volunteer-based, Washington, DC, career transition/support group. In general, members are white collar types, e.g., federal employees, managers, IT professionals, academics, even some entrepreneurs, who are “in between jobs.” With only 20 minutes of speaking time, my subject was definitely apt,Read… Read more » Needs to Carry the Public Records Torch

“…only 18% of services enable agencies to comply with public records laws” If you’re viewing your town’s Facebook or Twitter account, chances are the city attorney is still recovering from a social media migraine. And you may think I’m joking, but somewhere in your state a government webmaster is printing comments made on theirRead… Read more »

Privacy News Highlights – March 8th Week

Biometrics CA – Public to be Consulted Before Biometrics Added to Passports Passport Canada has confirmed it will schedule consultations to gather public input before a plan to incorporate biometric technology into passports moves forward. The consultations are expected to begin in early April. Proponents of the plan say biometric passports, which include such dataRead… Read more »

But we’re Facebook Friends, don’t You Trust Me?

I found this great little article though a Linkedin group I belong to on the decline of trust across news and information sources, including social media. Right off the bat as I read, “The Social Impact of Friendships and Lies” I thought to myself: is trust in social media breaking down, or are we gettingRead… Read more »

Government Business 101: United States Constitution, the Executive Branch and Federal Contracting

From the Government Business Examiner by Donna L. Quesinberry In 2009 the “New Transparency” took on an enhanced definition per President Obama’s Administration – the new transparency became a virtual enactment of the transparency and accountability that public funding through federal contracting already envisions. What is the course of action that a business takes orRead… Read more »