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Gov 2.0 Roundup (Week of September 24)

The Federal Communication Commission embraces Drupal, the White House Press Secretary presses on in the face of a Twitter bug, IT professionals share the failures that helped lead to their ultimate successes, and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act is in the process of getting a makeover in this, the first Fall edition of the GovRead… Read more »

Privacy News Highlights – August 15th

Some top privacy news Biometrics US – U.S. Scans Afghan Inmates for Biometric Database Wired reports on the U.S. military’s new detention facility in Parwan, Afghanistan, as “an emerging datafarm” where all detainees brought to the facility are given medical exams and have their irises scanned and fingerprints taken to be stored in a militaryRead… Read more »

State Government Hiring: Interview with HR at the State of Maryland

Interview with Scott Jay Regner, Human Resources Analyst Supervisor, Department of Budget and Management, Office Of Personnel Services, Recruitment and Examination Division, Technology Services Unit, State of Maryland. Many thanks, Scott! 1. I know state governments have been hit hard by the recession. How has hiring been reduced? Have there been layoffs or furloughs? Yes,Read… Read more »

Project of the Week: Energy Empowers

Last week, GovLoop highlighted the Power IT Down Day as our Project of the Week, and invited GovLoopers to shut off their computers and other equipment on Friday to save money and energy. This week, we continue the theme by higlighting the Department of Energy’s Energy Empowers initiative. Learn more below! 1. What is… Read more »

New Rules for the New Resume

Hi everyone – I’m excited to be here at GovLoop! A bit about me, I’m a Director of Communications at the Government of Ontario, Canada, working in Cabinet Office. I’m also a late GenX and early Netgen kinda guy! I write to an internal Ontario gov blog and thought I’d share and cross-post some ofRead… Read more »

Follow-up in the job search

Heather Krasna is the author of Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service, and the Director of Career Services at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. The art of follow-up is an essential one to master during the job search process. There are at least threeRead… Read more »

Greetings in the Name of Global Gov 2.0, My Dear GovLoopians!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “Letters to the GovLoopians” – GovLoop Pastor and Evangelist Highlights Global Gov 2.0 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Greetings in the name of awesomeness, GovLoopians! My dear associate, Stephen (a full-time martyr for the cause of GovLoop), beseeched me to write to you about the things I have seen in my travels across the World Wide Web. Therefore,Read… Read more »

Organizational Entrepreneurs: 21st Century Leaders

Making Mountains out of Capitol Hill A first time visitor to Capitol Hill will probably be surprised to find the legislative branch of United States government essentially run by twenty-something-year-olds fresh out of school. “I’m 33 and I am past my time,” Eric Johnson, former Chief of Staff to Robert Wexler (D-FL), told a groupRead… Read more »

Digital Strategy: How Camden Council (UK) will be engaging with Camden’s local community through hyperlocal websites

This is a cross-posting from Camden Council’s (UK) blog, where I also blog. If you wish to receive updates on my research into government communication online, please join LGEO Research Facebook Page. Link to original post Camden exploring and learning from online neighbourhoods Recently, Camden’s webteam has been talking to Will Perrin, Founder of ‘TalkRead… Read more »

Getting the word out — a real team effort

We have all heard the importance of team work, but teamwork is sometimes the only way to make it work. Yesterday was just a typical morning at the HQ Public Affairs office until the Director asked a very simple question. Who is monitoring exercise BRILLIANT ARDENT coverage? No one else was around so I foundRead… Read more »