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What Are You Offering?

Two good things happen in a formal presentation. The salesman learns what is wanted, and the prospect learns what is available. Especially with services, we can provide more of what the prospect wants, if only we knew what they wanted. The trick is to not get too attached to our model of what we are… Read more »

5 Do’s & Don’t for Better Social Media in Government

Everyone is talking about social media, but what is the purpose of investing time in these efforts from a government perspective? There are several reasons why it makes sense to invest time on-line. Here are three major ones: Learn what customers are saying about your services Make relationships with people in your community Allow your… Read more »

Financing Alternatives for Government Contractors©

When Significant Capital Needs Precede Customer Payments on Government Contracts -by Richard Lewis, Financial Engineering Counselors, Ltd. The Good News: Your Company has landed a new Government contract, one that will result in a significant increase in revenues. The Challenge: In order to fulfill this contract, you must commit to additional people (payroll), training, materials,… Read more »

Friday’s Fab Five: Social Media Interns, Training and Telework

It’s that time again… Friday’s Fab Five! Every Friday, we’re summarizing the best of the week and highlighting five members or moments that were especially awesome. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to Jay Daughtry for his post “7 Questions to Reflect on Before Hiring a College Intern for Social Media”. Jay asks… Read more »

The Technology and the Fear – How to Move Forward with Document Management When Technology is Always Moving

I remember when I settled on my document management software choice. The happiness I felt in finding a solution that could solve our problems was replaced by fear. It was the biggest single investment in technology that my agency had ever made and the decision was left up to me. What if I picked the… Read more »

Clouds Gather over Federal IT

www.fedinsider.comA positive outlook is enveloping cloud computing. Not only has GSA awarded 11 contracts for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), but other companies are jumping in with cloud services of their own. For the GSA offering, the real strength lies in the fact that GSA will complete certification and accreditation (C&A) under Federal Information Security… Read more »

Strategic Planning and the Value of Libraries

From the Government Info Pro: Thanks to Ellen Ensel, Director of Knowledge Management and Library Services, U. S. Institute of Peace, for the this article: Strategic Planning and the Value of Libraries. This article was originally published in the 2010 Best Practices for Government Librarians: The New Face of Value. Best Practices is a collaborative… Read more »

Riding the Leadership See-Saw

If you are a leader working in an organization, you know what I’m talking about. You are constantly having to ride the competition-cooperation see-saw. You must cooperate (to get and keep clients/get work done) and compete (for internal resources) simultaneously. Leaders who struggle with the competition-cooperation see-saw face constant anxiety, frustration and career ending jobs…. Read more »

Social Business Gains with IBM Lotus Connection 3.0

My friends at IBM were kind enough to give me a heads up that Version 3.0 of IBM Lotus Connections was being released today. I have been very impressed with their efforts in this space and this release continues to raise the bar on the competition. IBM’s Research Team provides a strategic advantage that IBM… Read more »

Focusing on WHY to Drive Adoption: iPad is Current, Learning and Productive. What is Government?

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and conferences. I’ve enjoyed several typical byproducts of those types of events (networking, learning, etc…) but also a few things that are much rarer: inspiration and re-energized passion. This is largely thanks to my most recent stop: NASA’s Education Innovation Summit, held in Orlando, FL… Read more »