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The Lack of Specialized Professionals in Technology of the Information in the World.

The Computer is an Intelligent Donkey ! With this definition we will approach one of the principal problems for the progress of the Technology of the Information in the current days. For being one it conspires that it simply assists to programming commands, they become necessary Analysts, Programmers and an entire range of professionals that… Read more »

Jazzed About Network Consolidation: A Simple Solution to Cutting Municipal IT Costs

by Tim Verras, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for Sophicity The great jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus once said, “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” When it comes to IT administration, there are plenty of opportunities to make things unnecessarily complex, especially with the sheer… Read more »

Google UK offers free webinar to council webbies on ‘conversions’

As part of Google UK’s increasing local engagement it is running the first in a series of Webinar‘s next week. This one is about ‘conversions’, getting users through a process on your website and sucessfully out the other end. This process may start from them clicking on an ad or being directed from the homepage… Read more »

FCC & Net Neutrality

Cecilia Kang, reporter for the Washington Post, today gave a preview of the FCC Chairman’s expected remarks on “net neutrality” at the Brookings Institute this coming Monday. If accurate, this signals a big push for content providers and user versus the controllers of bandwidth. Attribution: The Washington Post: breaking news copied in full below. FCC… Read more »

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News Flash: Government Websites Are Not Newspapers!

Last week, I was talking to a friend who is a private sector usability specialist. I asked her if, like me, she is noticing that some agency websites seem to be slipping backwards, featuring agency news rather than top citizen tasks on their home pages. She said that, indeed, she and her colleagues are observing… Read more »

Case Study on Military Health Care Social Media Portal

I’m listening to Booz Allen Hamilton consultants Grant McLaughlin and Walton Smith discuss social media case studies. One fascinating example is called, a one-stop social media portal where military health care groups, including Tricare, drive into it. America’s Military Health System is a unique partnership of medical educators, medical researchers, and health care providers… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week: Luke Fretwell

If you’ve seen a series of posts called “Gov 2.0 Heroes” here on GovLoop, then you probably know about Luke Fretwell’s launch of GovFresh just a few months ago. GovFresh is a great website with a comprehensive list of feeds from scores of government agencies. In addition, Luke is providing thought leadership and innovative new… Read more »

Computers need Security; People need Privacy

I have been meaning to write this piece for a while after some sessions with various teams working on how Government can make better use of technology to deliver their services to citizens. However the same principle comes up pretty rapidly in similar conversations in a lot of different industries as we try to come… Read more »

Local government ‘needs Digital Stream Managers’

Peter Barton, who heads up UK council Lincolnshire’s web team, is one of the most experienced local government (LG) webbies around and also a great thinker. We have chimed very often on his usual hang-out, the UK’s Public Sector Forums Bulletin Board. A new post of his hits all my sweet spots by describing the… Read more »

Did you know? The Federal Job Numbers

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster By Monster Government Solutions Team While the country has been faced with the highest unemployment numbers in over two decades, the federal government is currently struggling to fill jobs with qualified candidates. According to our numbers at Monster, agencies using Monster Hiring Management posted 234,144 vacancies across 36 federal… Read more »