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There has been a number of questions posed in different areas of govLoop about Web 2.0 policies. In developing ours, I originally looked at Sun Microsystems’ and IBM’s policies. A few drafts later, it looked little like the first version, but hit the important points. As we worked through the process we decided that a… Read more »

Stimulus Projects – Advantage, GSA Schedule Holders

Stimulus Projects – Advantage, GSA Schedule Holders Selling to the government can be a lucrative long term investment. A company who has done their homework and understands the process and time frames, obstacles, paperwork and financial investment involved will be successful. Government sales should be evaluated to in the same way you would evaluate selling… Read more »

A “Network Perspective”

“Build Community!” “Social Media” “Twitter!” “Facebook” – the battle cries of a new generation in business, government and media. But what do these demands mean? What practical impact do they have? Intuitively, we know that many people together are stronger than few people acting alone. Yet, in most walks of life we live in a… Read more »

Getting started with Twitter in Australian government

Republished from eGovAU. Twitter has emerged as a significant channel for breaking news, announcement and discussions on political, social, environmental and commercial topics. Over the last three years the service has grown to over 25 million users globally, including many senior business, political and entertainment figures. In fact it’s been the fastest growing online channel,… Read more »

Come on in the Waters Fine

We’re ten years into the greatest paradigm shift in information gathering since Gutenberg. The buzz words may be ‘long-tail’ or ‘small is the new big’, but the bottom line is access is in the hands of the consumer. Our customers, whoever and wherever they may be, can get what they want, when they want it…. Read more »

Birds of a Feather Redefined

Before social media, when transparency was considerably less in vogue, aquiring new customers and serving the needs of loyal already existing customers was not an easy feat and there certainly were not many options for conquering this feat. In order to aid this process, marketers formulated methods such as segementation, and even sub-segmentation to narrow… Read more »

Management Trial and Error

Now that I have been in Government service for nearly thirty years I can comment with authority on trends I have seen. And they come and go. Remember Total Quality Management (TQM)? Remember ISO 9000? Various Government Departments embraced these systems like couch potatoes embrace the latest fad on the Home Shopping Network. They love… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” Coredump from Gov20camp (March 2009)

In progress. Currently timestamp is: 11:45 am on Friday. This tag will be updated as I continue to trawl through the tweets. I am trying to go through the main twitter stream in the event someone is interested in the (currently) 4661 tweets from gov20camp. I am also trying to arrange the sessions as best… Read more »

Benefits and Challenges Twitter Poses to Brands

6,000 companies join Twitter each day, so surely someone must see the value. What are some of the benefits Twitter can offer your organization? A Little Humanizing Goes a Long Way Huge organizations, public and private, public servants, etc are often viewed as monoliths. While this can be good in that it portrays strength and… Read more »

Measuring Gov 2.0 (via Web 1.0): Foresee

NOTE: This post is part of a series entitled Measuring Gov 2.0, But First Web 1.0 Analysis. You may also be interested in the first study in which I highlighted website measurement by the Brookings Institution. In 1999, the US government selected the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which is produced by the University of… Read more »