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Gov 2.0 Roundup (March 19 Edition)

GSA approves Google Analytics, the FCC wants you to test your broadband speed, SXSW takes social media to the moon, and Virginia's Department of Taxation gets a win with online chat, all in this week's edition of the Rock Creek Roundup. --Looking for a cost-effective yet robust solution to track your agency's website statistics, giving... Read more »

Network Society:The TEIA PROJECT - A New Opportunity

There is a considerable body of descriptions and analysis of social structures emerging at the turn of the twentieth century to the twenty-one that highlights the fact that contemporary societies are being the scene of extraordinary economic, political, cultural, social and technological change. In the last decades of the twentieth century were a number of... Read more »

Measuring Success by Your Reflection

Most discussions I've been part of about measurements usually involve identifying a desired outcome and looking for a numeric representation of that outcome. This makes perfect sense and there's loads of research and supporting evidence that having metrics and measurements are an important part of most outcome-based projects. Over the years, however, I've come to... Read more »

Netflix Movie Recommendations: Secret to the Value of Social Networking?

Netflix is a subscription based DVD rental service that lets its customers browse thousands of movies online and then delivers them though the mail system. With so many movie choices available and to be competitive with brick and mortar rental establishments, Netflix has improved its customer satisfaction though numerous user interface improvements, movie distribution centers,... Read more »

This article is for information purposes only

I read this interesting article this morning by Gerry McGovern about some 'protective' (my description) thinking behind most web pages. I was wondering if you see this as true for web pages published by your government agency. One would hope that government agencies publish actionable information. Do you think this is more of a concern... Read more »

5 Lessons from the Birth of a Government Blog

Dr. GovLoop has been scouring the Web to find awesome content...and here's a blog post that caught his attention over coffee this morning. Originally posted on WhoRunsGovBy Greg Palmer Mar 04 2010, 10:30 PM How did I convince one of the world's largest bureaucracies to enter the blogosphere? Trust me, it wasn't easy. NYC's Department... Read more »

Running IT as a Business: an alternative viewpoint

I’m an employee in the government’s I&IT organization. But I generally view myself as really only halfway there. For, I'm the business owner, not the technology provider. And a lot of my work involves providing business advice and solving business problems, rather than technical ones. I’ve never felt myself straddling the two worlds more... Read more »

Privacy News Highlights - Feb 13 - 28

Privacy News Highlights 13–28 February 2010 Contents: EU – Legality of Fingerprint Database to be Tested in Netherlands Court 3 CA – Alberta Retailer Ordered to Stop Credit Checks. 3 CA – Privacy Commissioner Cites Sobeys for Collecting Personal Info. 3 CA – Saskatchewan Privacy Boss Decries Denial of New Staff 4 CA – Commissioners... Read more »

Meeting people where they are, the State Department does it right

I chatted with Bill May, the State Department Director of the Office of Innovative Engagement, on Friday. The State Department is on the leading edge of collaboration, of social media, understanding the need to balance engagement, transparency, security, and common sense. As expected, Bill understands all of this well, businesses and other agencies can learn... Read more »

A Historical Vision of the Computation in Cloud!

Hello to All! Historize: the Science that studies the past to organize the present and to prepare the Future. I was thinking on the decade of 90, when I worked for a company that wanted to store your information in digital media and it was not willing to invest in the purchase of computer science... Read more »