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My Top Ten Reasons Twitter is Taking off, Tipping, etc.

Allen Shepard of GovLoop asked me today “why do you think Twitter is taking off?” Here are the ideas that first come to mind. Speaking on behalf of individuals: 1. I am unique. From the clothes I wear, to the social circles I fit in with, to the company I work for, to the ways… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” Sunday 22nd March 2009 Edition

Apologies in advance for errors. @govloop: 4 Steps 2 Build Transparency in New World Gov- @kpkfusion #govloop #gov20 #opengov @govloop: Listen live Gov 2.0 Blogtalkradio w/ OReilly @adrielhampton @planetrussell in 10 minutes #opengov #gov20 #govloop @adrielhampton “Making gov cool, finally”? (@municibid) #gov20 #opengov @adrielhampton: Talking live to @timoreilly: #gov20 #opengov @Lyne_Robichaud:… Read more »

Digital Outlook Report 09 from Razorfish

Let me be straight about this blog entry – this is not an advertisement for this agency, I have never worked for this agency, and I receive no benefit from talking about their latest report, the Digital Outlook Report , available for free from their website. That being said, I think government agencies of all… Read more »

Practical benefits of online media for government

Republished from eGovAU. Some of the practical benefits for government of online social media are beginning to emerge from various jurisdictions around the world. One that has particularly struck me as very positive is the use of online media by Washington DC to convince felons to voluntarily turn themselves in. Written about in Using Social… Read more »

Back Office

I’m based in an administrative support office for two bureaus of the State Department. I suspect that I could make good use of Web 2.0 functionality in providing guidance and information on administrative issues to my colleagues who do programs and policy, but the models I find are focused on serving external customers. So I… Read more »

Citizen Networks, The Next Big Thing?

Transparency. Efficiency. Accountability. All are stated goals of federal, state and local government. All are embodied in the Economic Recovery Act. How will they be accomplished? The Old World. In the “old world”, government agencies approach each by building or modifying Web based portals. Government uses these portals as hubs to publish government documents and… Read more »

Restaurant Week

I thought I would do a public service announcement. Last week was Restaurant Week in DC. Did you take advantage of this? Restaurant Week takes place twice a year, once in the frigid cold of the post-holidays and then again in the dog days of August. Times when diners are likely to be few. For… Read more »

what municipal websites could be

Like other governments, local governments are often too comfortable with the “press release” mode of interaction with its publics. Gerry McGovern, a customer-service-in-government consultant sums it up: “Too many government websites tell us about the legislation they are enacting. We are victims of a tsunami of policies, procedures and publications in a language that is… Read more »

In which we are introduced to online community software

A public online community can’t be hosted on KDOT’s servers, which operate behind a dense firewall. Thus we found ourselves in the world of software-as-a-service. We had to partner up with a community provider. Finding one took longer than we anticipated. Software-as-a-service is a bit like an automobile lease. The customer leases community software and… Read more »

Anti-Social Networking

This is a cautionary post for those fearless space travelers who might venture too close to the unforgiving Black Hole of Social Networks. Some of us may have already found our atoms placed end-to-end as we’ve been MySpaced, Friendstered, Facebooked, Twittered, Twined, and LinkedIn. Just remember, there is nothing new under the stars. Social Networking… Read more »