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Sweet GovTweets 06.27.2009

Good morning! I am still a little behind, but I’m begging for your mercy …;) I have trouble deciding how to handle FollowFriday. I have been screening it out entirely due to space constraints, but we were missing some great contacts. So today, I am trying something new. I tried to leave the first mention… Read more »

The agency considers Twitter

We’re exploring Twitter. KDOT has issued area-specific road/traffic/weather tweets for several months, thanks to the foresight of Tom Hein, our Wichita public affairs manager. Tom was hip to Twitter early on, way before me, and was issuing road update tweets even before K-TOC launched. Kim Qualls started doing the same thing for Kansas City and… Read more »

Scotlland Web2 activity – update

Hello everyone James Purser wrote a great update about an event in Australia. I was moved to write about ScotWeb2 which I organised on Friday June 19th. We blog here This was ScotWeb2’s second gathering. We are only 5,000,000 people so to get 60 of them into a room in mid-June is fantastis. However, unlike… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 06.24.2009

Good evening! Today’s Tweet stream is about a quarter of the one yesterday, but very interesting. Enjoy. Cordially, Caroline Twitter @WiiPigSooie Blog WiiPigSooie opencode: Open Source #opensource: Hotel WiFi Disservice… (expand ) 2 minutes ago from web • Reply • View Tweet lhawthorn: Heading for a drink with @msurman to plot world domination of… Read more »

Where in the World Do Your Wear Your ClearedJobs.Net T-shirt?

ClearedJobs.Net is launching its annual “Where in the world do you wear your ClearedJobs.Net T?” event to celebrate the end of a highly successful Cleared Job Fair season as well as to support and encourage its security cleared job seeking community during what can often be a challenging job market given the summer period. The… Read more »

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More Enterprise 2.0 Principles (#e2conf)

Busy day today at the Enterprise 2.0 show! I was on a customer panel on social computing earlier today with Microsoft, EA, Battelle, Watson Wyatt, and the MN Dept of Education. I participated by discussing some of the Army’s experience with social computing and communities. Great panel with lots of excellent insights on making enterprise… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week: Dean Halstead, Collaboration Architect, Microsoft Federal

Happy Father’s Day! Father’s Day is a day to remember, an opportunity to stop and honor our dads; this year, it also marks the beginning of summer – barbecuing on the 4th of July, sunny days at the park, or rainy nights at the pool (not to mention all that humidity and those special uninvited… Read more »

Sweet GovTweets 06.19.2009

Wonderful Friday! Today I added some posts from #OpenCode that I thought were interesting. Tonight: University of Arkansas v. LSU College World Series. Go Hogs! Image via Wikipedia Caroline @WiiPigSooie Blog WiiPigSooie alexwied: Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #opensource #oss #accenture 14 minutes ago from WeFollow • Reply • View Tweet… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Blog Potomac Part 3 (#blogpotomac)

8:15 am johnrhopkins: @scottmonty You are the only Social Media person in a company of 200k, how do you make time to speak at #blogpotomac ? 8:15 am mammaloves: For social media to succeed, you need support from senior leadership. Not just check PR box. (paraphrase) @scottmonty #blogpotomac 8:15 am 4GreenPs: @scottmonty Social media at… Read more »

Government 2.0 is not a social media strategery

What is Government 2.0? Gov2.0 is Government run for Citizens. Each citizen must be able engage with the daily activity to government to satisfy their personal self-interest. It is about citizens getting what they want when and how they want it, and being able to converse with individual Government employees directly and with each other…. Read more »