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Getting started within The Social Ecosystem, a checklist

Last November I built a short series to help organizations with their 2010 Social Media Plan. The series was well received and I think we all learned a lot in the process of writing and commenting back and forth. Sometimes, however, it really helps to boil things down to a simple checklist, keeping it simple… Read more »

Transitioning from Private to Public Sector

Heather Krasna is the author of Jobs That Matter: Find a Stable, Fulfilling Career in Public Service, and the Director of Career Services at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. Many people have considered moving from corporate careers to public service, especially because government has a reputation for offering more… Read more »

Project of the Week: National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Two weeks ago, as America celebrated its hard-fought freedom on the Fourth of July, hundreds of U.S. military veterans gathered in Denver, CO, for the 30th National Veterans Wheelchair Games. HP, one of GovLoop’s 2010 Partners, was a proud National Sponsor of the Games and they wanted to bring the event to the attention of… Read more »

Everything Channel: 2010 State of the Market

Today, I attended Everything Channel’s 2010 State of the Market presentation, a great annual scorecard on the state of technology solutions provider channels. The typical survey respondent books about $3.5 million in annual revenues, in b-2-b transactions (no retail data here) so it’s a real-world look at issues facing technology solutions providers across many vertical… Read more »

Getting Social with

Yesterday’s Loudoun Economic Development Commission, Membership and Business Retention Committee (MBRC) meeting officially earned Loudoun, its residents and businesses their “Gov 2.0 street cred” on the Internet. An official Department of Economic Development (DED) strategy, roles and supporting cast are in place, the SEO and website analytics are turned on, the chicklets are published, a… Read more »

Web 2.0: Is the public sector really behind the private sector?

In the first of what could become and ongoing discussion series I join Leila Sadeghi, Ph.D., to discuss a recent Harris Interactive poll. Leila Sadeghi, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor with the Center for Executive Leadership in Government at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. This first post has been interesting, a joint writing… Read more »

Federal Eye: Federal agencies plan to start buying in bulk

It seems the federal government didn’t realize until recently that you can save more money by buying in bulk. Federal agencies will band together as one big customer for future purchases of goods and services, including office supplies and furniture, administration officials announced Wednesday. “The United States federal government is the world’s largest purchaser, but… Read more »

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The cloud in government?

Recent discussion about the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) brought me back nearly a decade to a time when, as an IT director, I stood in the way of just such a proposal for government software…as a service. My state had selected a vendor. Their task: produce a portal website and provide far… Read more »