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How to Affect Change

AMAZING the Power of Web 2.0 (blogs/twitter) and then to throw into the mix good “ole fashion” email, newsletters and the results could even inspire the somewhat cynical of us… It is MY OPINION that these tools had at least SOME impact on the DOD policy of utilization of Web 2.0 tools From David Pogue’s… Read more »

UK Google moves into local government

Twitpic Ross L Grant Google UK launched it’s local government division on Friday August 8 with a day-long event held at their London offices and attended by around 65 people. As I have been talking and writing about their stuff (aka promoting!) for a few years now this day was pretty exciting for me. I… Read more »

TWP: At a Loss for Words: The Day Facebook, Twitter Crashed

Washington Post Staff Writer Monica Hess Friday, August 7, 2009 What happened Thursday, in 140 characters: Twitter went down. Facebook went down. People panicked, unused to not oversharing minutiae of life. Twitter back up. Facebook back up. Phew. At 9 a.m., millions of users of found themselves unable to access the microblogging Web site,… Read more »

Do you monitor social media conversations about your department?

Republished from eGov AU. As a marketer I find the internet a dream channel for monitoring customer sentiment and concerns. Social media and search engines can be easily and cheaply tracked to provide fast feedback on various initiatives. This helps organisations shape their campaigns and responses to external events. I’d recommend that this is equally… Read more »

Need Stimulus, Want Training, or Need to Recruit? Unleash the Monster is the new Monster Government Solutions Blog

Originally published on Unleash the Monster – The Monster Government Solutions Blog Our country is in the midst of what is currently being called “the great recession,” unemployment numbers are rising continuously, the federal government is tasked with increasing efficiencies and state and local governments are struggling with resources to support education, training, healthcare, public… Read more »

Is The Search of Municipal Websites Not Working?

I have a unique sort of view on municipal websites. So I not always sure that I am a fair customer as I view 250+ cities at any one time. But I do have a chance to compare lots of things with websites that have very common websites. With that said I started doing design… Read more »

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Three Focal Points of Open Government

***See the original post at*** Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Open Government and Innovations Conference in Washington, DC. The two-day conference was a fantastic opportunity to hear some of the leaders in open government thinking, including: Aneesh Chopra, Federal CTO – “The Innovation Imperative“ Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO – “Town… Read more »

Restaurant Week II

This is my twice yearly public service blog about Restaurant Week in DC (August 24 – 30). Do you take advantage of this? Restaurant Week takes place twice a year, once in the frigid cold of the post-holidays and then again in the dog days of August. Times when diners are likely to be few…. Read more »

Sweet Gov Conference Tweets – Open Government & Innovations Conference (#OGI) – Part 6

July 22, 2009 continued 9:00 am kayawalton: Shea: Acknowledge on-network (twitter etc) and off-network (site, RSS) communications #ogi 9:00 am USMSOffice: Identity Assurance & Privacy Panel: re info sharing- what if info is inaccurate? #ogi 9:01 am dlblack: FEMA use of social media is perfect example of mission first, tools to implement mission second #ogi… Read more »