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Feature to Benefit to BENEFIT!

Feature to Benefit to BENEFIT! Emory and I were talking yesterday. He is a thought leader at a prestigious boutique management services company. We came to the point where we were in violent agreement that the benefit of a product or service has to keep constantly changing for the better…if you let it. Typically we... Read more »

Belated Restaurant Week

This is my twice yearly public service blog about Restaurant Week in DC (January 11 - 17). Do you take advantage of this? Restaurant Week takes place twice a year, once in the frigid cold of the post-holidays and then again in the dog days of August. Times when diners are likely to be few.... Read more »

Planning your SharePoint Environment to fit your Business Model

EasyTabs.dwp Being an IT person that has been "embedded" in the comptroller organization at USSOCOM has been a great experience. Since I live and breathe their business each day (for the past 11 years), it has allowed me to learn how they interact with their various business partners during budget cycles, Congressional interactions, and the... Read more »

The Link Between Motivation and Innovation

In the early days of the war in Afghanistan the U.S. Army's top leadership recently did a very smart thing: They listened to one of their enlisted men. After returning from the war in Afghanistan, Master Sergeant Rudy Romero sent a long, insightful email to a former commanding officer about the suitability of the equipment... Read more »

GovLoop Project of the Week -

Happy Holidays to everyone. This week I present Over the years I've found that starting a business from the ground up can be very frustrating and overwhelming. Looking for a list of what to do and who to contact can be just as tedious. I ran across while doing some research for a... Read more »

4 Contract Lessons from Avatar

Just saw Avatar in 3D (from James Cameron, the same guy that brought you Titanic), and it’s awesome. Good story and unbelievably real graphics. And better yet, no crying teenagers like with Leo DiCaprio. Being a good nerd, I can’t help draw some lessons for you good folks out there. So here we go: 1.... Read more »

Why I will never buy from Best Buy or buy a Sony laptop again.

The non-existing customer support of Best Buy / Geek Squad / Sony: Jan 11, 2009 - purchased Sony Vaio laptop with 2-year Geek Squad protection with Vista (XP was not available, but planned to replace with XP) Very soon was having problems with hibernating properly, which I attributed to Vista since I often had similar... Read more »

Will social media deliver on enterprise collaboration in 2010?

As the end-year reviews and new-year predictions and resolutions arrive in my inbox, I have been thinking about what has been the biggest impact or change in the collaboration arena. The biggest change I find is that the differentiation between social media software and collaboration applications has almost disappeared from the positioning messages. Traditional Collaboration... Read more »

Time for a Re-Think of

When was born, a central links directory for the government was a huge asset. Now, however, citizens turn to Google for lists of links. So if is to add value, I think it’s time for a major re-think of its purpose. It’s an important discussion…one that impacts - and therefore should involve -... Read more »

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