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Deep Thoughts About Social Media

I was a bit sleepless last night and began thinking about some of the deep thoughts of social media that continue to resonate with me long after I’ve heard them. The first was a statement made at Gov2.0 camp I believe (heard vicariously through two co-workers that attended): “Social media is free, like a puppy… Read more »

Jennovation 1.1: Don’t Go it Alone: Why Public-Private Partnerships Make Sense

Welcome to the second posting of my featured Govloop blog series—Jennovation—coming to you every other Monday. This series contains my musings on innovation, Open Government (Open Gov) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). Let me start by saying, I was rather surprised by the comments on my first posting. While Gov 2.0, Open Gov and innovation have… Read more »

Attributes of the Social Organization (Part 1)

Before we explore the attributes of the Social Organization it is important to first answer why we need a new model… Why don’t solutions like Social CRM, Government 2.0, Social Relationship Management, Enterprise 2.0, Healthcare 2.0, Education 2.0, and others suffice? While all of these strategic systems have much to offer they all fall short…. Read more »

Government 2.0 is the Axis of Semantic Web [Web 3.0]

Recap the last decade. What were the entrepreneurs thinking then? “What next man? What do we do now? Hotmail is done. Gmail I cannot replace, Yahoo is done, Social Networks are way too many, Search is a big boy’s game. What do I build next? Hey let’s look at the demand. What do people want?… Read more »

Attributes of the Social Ecosystem

The Social Ecosystem*. The Social Ecosystem provides a structure within which all types of organizations live and interact. This ecosystem is open and inclusive of both public and private organizations and remains independent of geography and language. You and I are in a great place. We are in a virtual room, looking at an empty… Read more »

Digital Strategy: How Camden Council (UK) will be engaging with Camden’s local community through hyperlocal websites

This is a cross-posting from Camden Council’s (UK) blog, where I also blog. If you wish to receive updates on my research into government communication online, please join LGEO Research Facebook Page. Link to original post Camden exploring and learning from online neighbourhoods Recently, Camden’s webteam has been talking to Will Perrin, Founder of ‘Talk… Read more »

Member-Of-The-Week: Joshua Salmons

Joshua Salmons was born in San Diego in 1980 to two Navy parents. He moved regularly as he followed his family across the globe, finally spending a few years in southern Maryland where his father retired after 27 years of service. Salmons graduated high school in Kentucky the following year and went on to earn… Read more »

Government Social Media: If You Don’t Want to Engage, Don’t Bother

There has been an unquestionable explosion of government social media use in the last year. Last week, GovTwit, the Twitter directory of government agencies and officials reported 44.9 million followers for the 3,000 IDs it tracks, after starting in 2009 with just a handful of accounts. Still, towns, agencies and leaders not using social media… Read more »

Gov 2.0: Are You Ready? You’ve Made the Decision, What is the Impact?

By Luis Benavides, Business Development Manager In the past when I was invited to talk to customers about SharePoint on NetApp (SnapManager for SharePoint) I would always start the conversation off by talking about the world of ‘collaboration’ and endless possibilities, about how SharePoint is a starting point; integration with Project Server, BizTalk, Streaming… Read more »

Make a difference this week! Maximize collaboration to the N-th Degree!!!

As some of you may know from my time on GovLoop and long standing particpation. I look and write about solutions and collaboration on a fairly regular basis. I just came back from Walter Reed and Ft. Belvoir yesterday and today working in collaboration with the Wounded Warrior Transition Units (WTUs). We are, with others,… Read more »