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“How do I approach building a personal brand when I have so many diverse interests?”

A few months ago I came across the work of an intelligent, generous human being in Silicon Valley named Rajesh Setty. He is doing some interesting work at a new site, TH!NKSULTING. I appreciated his recent answer to a question that was posed to him, “I am planning to write a book. Can we brainstormRead… Read more »

Privacy & Personal Branding: think like an engineer

Since my middle son has been in engineering school (he graduated this month from UVA), I regularly pick his brain about engineering things. Stuff I know I need to pay attention to but am too lazy to go learn on my own, like online privacy. What are the creators of technology being taught about personalRead… Read more »

Personal Branding: Business cards are obsolete

Business cards are obsolete, fast losing their value in a virtual, green world. Our security blanket is disappearing. Scary thought! Especially since that little card plays a powerful role in creating our professional identity (at least in our minds). Long a symbol of professionalism, a business card was your ticket to the conference table, toRead… Read more »

Google, your personal brand and social media

As the government community awakens to the value of social networking, they will reward, hire, promote people who can help them use social media to build relationships with clients, constituents, the public. Those who have used social media to develop their personal brand will become the all-stars. You are what you do. Karl Marx saysRead… Read more »

Young Feds 101: Remarkable Personal Branding

To find out about personal branding, let’s start with a game. I’ll type a word, and you react. It’s not hard; in fact, I challenge you not to think anything in response to these words. For instance, I say “Apple” you might think “Iphone”. Or “Creative”. Or maybe even “Overpriced.” Great. Try another one: Honda.Read… Read more »

The Defining Role of Personality in Brand Communications

How would your customers characterize your brand’s personality? Is it corporate, formal, standoffish and perhaps a little too impersonal? Or is it casual, friendly, engaging and personal? If you were to ask your customers to use pictures to describe your brand’s personality, which images would come to mind? Your brand communications – direct mail, email,Read… Read more »

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