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What a Twitter map can and cannot tell: The Gates Foundation Twitter network

The Twitter network below was created by Marc Smith, Social Media Research Foundation. He used it in a recent workshop on Social Media Network Analysis that I organized here at Syracuse University on January 19-20. I picked it up and posted it here on my Social Media in the Public Sector blog, because it relatesRead… Read more »

What Kind of Online Community Do You Have Behind Your Firewall?

As CIOs and Chief Knowledge Officers bring tools that have been used on the Internet – blogs, wikis, microblogs, profiles – behind the firewall, they tend to expect the same results. “We’ll have our own Wikipedia!” Or Facebook…or Twitter – you name it. Unfortunately, as many have already discovered and many more will continue toRead… Read more »

What I’m Digesting: Good Reads from the First Week of January

Government Procurement is Broken: Example #5,294,702 or “The Government’s $200,000 Useless Android Application” by Rich Jones This post is actually a few months old, but I stumbled on it again the other day and could help but laugh and cry at the same time. Written by a freelance computer developer, the post traces the discoveryRead… Read more »

Top 5 Government Stories of 2011

Lots of events happen this year in government, from fears of government shutting down to federal hiring reform. I took a look back at 2011 for the biggest stories in government this year. Many of this events will carry on into 2012 and some have potential to shape the events of 2012.Budgets will grow increasinglyRead… Read more »

Admitting the Problem is Only the First Step

The recent New York Times Op-Ed piece, “The Unaddressed Link Between Poverty and Education” laid bare the facts that many of us know all too well, that is, students from disadvantaged households have many more educational challenges that their peers from more socioeconomically affluent households. While economic challenges certainly impact a child’s academic performance, there’sRead… Read more »

How not to win followers & influence people

Call it round 2. Call it an explosion of sheer frustration. Call it what you want. Here’s my top 10 things which are irritating the hell out of me this week on social media and Twitter specifically. If you do these things, you’ll probably get away with one or two. Do all of them, andRead… Read more »

Weekly Round-up: November 18, 2011

Gadi Ben-Yehuda Location, location, location. A lot of people moving to GovLoop–more than 50K at last count! One of those people, Lovisa Williams, asked how GovLoopers (especially federal government employees) were using Google+. Ines Mergle, writing at Gov in the Lab, shared an infographic that helps answer that question. Beyond “Go Slow to Go Fast.”Read… Read more »

Weekly Round-up – November 04, 2011

Gadi Ben-Yehuda This past Monday, I led a Webinar for GSA on the basics of government use of Facebook and Twitter. This week, I saw quite a few articles on how and why government agencies are using social media (or how they could use it better) and how to measure their effectiveness with those tools.Read… Read more »

The “Big Five” IT trends of the next half decade: Mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data

Editor’s Note: The highly regarded enterprise IT thought leader Dion Hinchcliffe has produced yet another “must read” piece for enterprise technologists titled “The “Big Five” IT trends of the next half decade: Mobile, social, cloud, consumerization, and big data.” This is classic Dion, with compelling logic, great context, and a tremendous graphic that helps putRead… Read more »