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Communities of Like-Minded People Can Cause Real Change in Government

GovLoop is sponsoring a symposium on Customer Service, August 23. It promises to be a great event – bringing together customer service experts and passionistas from within and outside of government, and it hopes to culminate in some real actions to improve customer service in government. Hurrah! Wish I could be there (I was invited,Read… Read more »

Of Civic Reflection & The Company Called USA, Inc.

Bravo to all of America’s political leaders. Well done. The debt ceiling was raised. Some cuts were made and an unprecedented default was avoided. Problem solved…right? Wrong! How American it is to wait until we are at the edge of disaster in order to force the hard choices. How American it is to rapidly debateRead… Read more »

Reflections on Readers’ Responses to “Requiem for a ‘Last Angry Man’”

As a writer and communicator, this has been an unprecedented week. First, I took the plunge and wrote about my dad’s recent death while also reflecting on his immigrant family “fight to life” struggles and the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows of a father-son relationship. (For the essay, email [email protected] or Click here:Read… Read more »

The State of Open Data Licenses in Canada and where to go from here

(for readers less interested in Open Data – I promise something different tomorrow) In February I wrote how 2011 would be the year of the license for Canada’s open data community. This has indeed been the case. For public servants and politicians overseeing the various open data projects happening in Canada and around the world,Read… Read more »

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The Job Board-Linkedin Mashup

I heavily emphasize Linkedin in all my advice to job seekers, but there are limits on what it can do. At this point, it’s not that awesome as a job board. You can, in fact, use Linkedin as a job board by looking under “Jobs” and also looking for Jobs conversations/postings in the groups youRead… Read more »

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Go Away and Other Advice for Graduates

A little known fact about GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler is that his sister (moi) is an English teacher, and that I too have my own website (it’s just not nearly as popular) called VocabGal about teaching vocabulary. However, I mentioned to Steve that I could write occasionally for his website about different crossover issues likeRead… Read more »

Why Google+ will Kill Facebook

Google+ is to Facebook for privacy as Facebook is to SharePoint for utilty. For Utility: Facebook (and social media writ large) begins with the conversation as metaphor. Sharepoint begins (and ends) with the document as the metaphor. It was built with the belief that business users collaborate around producing documents. Social media presumes people haveRead… Read more »

The question about WordPress as a Corporate CMS

It has been a couple of weeks since I attended #localgovcamp and it has taken that long for my brain to process all of the ideas and challenges that inevitably come up after spending such intensive time with so many passionate people. One of the sessions I went to was on WordPress and whether orRead… Read more »

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Using social media for non-traditional forms of scholarship

During the last year I was a frequent guest speaker at different University-wide lecture series to talk about my research findings but also my personal use of social media applications as a scholar. I reported about the diverse social media applications I have tested (and abandoned) in the classroom, but also provided insights into howRead… Read more »

Generation Y and Digital Participation: RIGP 2011

[Summary: Notes for a presentation on ‘Generation-Y’ and public services hosted by Institut de la Gestion Publique (Institute for Public Management), delivered on 27th June 2011, Paris] Below is a copy of the draft I wrote for a round-table discussion starter at today’s ‘Generation-Y and public services’ conference hosted at the Institut de la GestionRead… Read more »