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Will “open” and “transparent” actually work

I’m not going to get political in this post but I felt myself getting quite political in conversations with friends about a recent dispatches programme which investigated whether the beneficiaries of the government’s cuts are in fact private outsourcing companies. UK folk can watch the programme here via 4OD One thing that struck me isRead… Read more »

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SXSW for the #Gov20 Crowd: Interesting Lessons and Takeaways So Far

In the spirit of sharing what I learned at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive (#SXSWi) Festival in Austin I’ve posted my notes from a few of the interesting sessions that I was able to attend. I live posted these over the course of the event to allow folks to share in the learning thatRead… Read more »

Roads less travelled, the pain involved & the reasons to persevere #gov20 #opengov #wiunion

Tweet The Road Less Travelled in Worth It! With my wife, I am constantly trying to raise two daughters to be prepared for life in a sometimes turbulent world. The daily conversations are primarily mundane (Spongebob or Disney), but from time to time, more often lately, the topics turn to deeper philosophy and how toRead… Read more »

Fundamental Design of Learning Activities

by Aaron Silvers (ADL). Aaron Silvers has innovated the design and production of learning experiences with a variety of technologies for organizations large and small, in both the private and public sectors, for over 15 years. He led the development of a number of SCORM 2004 content examples. Aaron returned to ADL in 2010 asRead… Read more »

My “Government 2.0 Revisited” article wins 2010 H. George Frederickson Best Article Award

My “Gov 2.0 Revisited: Social Media Strategies in the Public Sector” article won the PA Times’ 2010 H. George Frederickson Best Article Award. Here is what I submitted as the acceptance note for the January/February 2011 PA Times issue: “I am very honored to accept the PA TIMES Best Article Award for 2010, and wouldRead… Read more »

“Mythbusting” to Improve Communication with Vendors

Vivek Kundra, U. S. Chief Information Officer, and Dan Gordon, Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy Federal IT contracts can be difficult to manage if the government’s requirements are not well-defined or are developed with incomplete information about the market; this often results in waste, delayed program delivery, and erosion of the value of IT investments.Read… Read more »

Summary of NCDD survey on race dialogue — and next steps

Before the holidays, three was a flurry of dozens of messages on the NCDD Discussion list (our main listserv, with 1150 subscribers) on issues of race and racism within a period of a couple of days. Though our listserv can be a great place to discuss practice-related questions and share announcements, it is not aRead… Read more »

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The TV show, Cheers, ran for eleven seasons during the 80s and early 90s with a tagline that made everyone feel good…‘where everybody knows your name.’ A group of unlikely friends went through some good times and some bad times while making us laugh…and these characters became part of our lives, because we knew theirRead… Read more »

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DoD Social Media Policy Expires March 1 with No Follow-up. What’s the Impact?

The DoD’s social media policy, titled, “Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM) 09-026 – Responsible and Effective Use of Internet-based Capabilities” will expire on March 1, 2011. Through discussions with people in DoD, I’ve learned that the stated plan to replace this policy with a long-term Instruction has been shelved indefinitely, and all resources associated with this effortRead… Read more »